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No as you can see its NOT a post about talking baby bumps..sorry for the high hopes lol <33

Well I got these sweaters sent to me...I didn't asked for them lol and I admit I usually am NOT a fan of ppl sending me stuff like this BUT ....I rezzed the box...and went awww cause someone seems to have had a look at my blog before sending me those! <33
I really fell in love with them lol 
Ugh and don't get me wrong its cute when designers seem to like my work, and send me stuff but often I get so dark, goth and GoR things...thats just not mine and I keep wondering if they really actually KNOW my work at all , and it makes me really feel bad that I don't blog those things -_-"

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I took pics of some of dem sweaters not all tho so, there are more available :D
My mood today is the Grumpy Bear LOL I really woke up grumpy as *beeeep* today! 
They are so cute and look so FLUFFY!! LOL as you can see I had way too much fun with them!! <33

They are not only CUTE they are cheap too ^^ only 35L per sweater

                                                        ♥What else is Gwinny wearing:

Headband ~ Noodles
Hands ~ Slink Enhancement Hands Splayed
Bracelet ~ Izzie's @TDR Fusion
Socks ~ Pop Tart
Hair~ Exile
Shoes ~ Honey Kitty
Skin ~ Mother Goose
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black
Earrings~ Blah
Sweaters ~  Mag <3 B.

Poses ~ blah, Imeka, Bang and marukin

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