Geeks'n'Nerds Con

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I admit it...I am a Nerd lol I always have been...I collect dice, play D&D (and other RPs), read and collect Comics, I own gazillions of books (yes I read them all), I collect weird japanese toys, and things like the Order of the Stick and IT Crowd make me snort! 
There'd be many more embarrassing things to mention...but lets just pretend thats all lmao

Since I wasn't able to go to RL Comic and Games con (a very black day lol), I was really looking forward to the 1st ever  Geeks'n'Nerds Con in SL (I'm sad like that) :> 

I have to say...all this waiting was worth it!!! <33
This will be my first post about it, slapping some things together I found cute!!
Ok there weren't any Comics to buy and sniff, no new dice sets or RPs supplements to buy BUT...all dem Geekyness and Nerdthings you will need to dress up properly or make your home a happier and nerdier place lol 

The pic above...let's focus on the cube! Isn't it adorable?!?! 
Ok I admit in RL that effing thing isn't THAT adorable...it made me so angry that I threw it across the school cafeteria when I was like 11, and almost kill the boy I crushed on back then...so really I think they are satanic lolol 
But this one seems innocent ....It's from Tea.S and it comes with female, male and Couple poses :D 
Nerdy Cuddling ftw lol
Just don't throw it at eachother ;3

Ok next thing...da bomb!! lolol Sorry -_-
Isn't it cute?
This little friend is just ONE tiny part of the things from the Secret Store you can get at the Faire!
There are 8Bit bowties and cute pictures frames too!!!

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Ok next pic!! :> I admit I had like 5 coffees...after over a week without ANY coffee...can you even imagine a life without coffee?! *shudders* its such cruel and cold place lol
WHATEVER...lets focus <.<
Tiny fairy things...I don't I need to tell ANYONE where those are from :P I see treasure!! <33
They are from Wimey, brought to you by the lovely Sash Arabello, who also organised all this fair!! 
I collect Nintendo things in RL and I squealed when I saw those lolol ^___^
Necklace and Book Earrings from Olive...really the Sailor Moon inspired things she made (bracelet and rings too) are just ajkhdskjhdkjas such cute details!! Chibi Power \o/

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Weird fun poses are from Dieselworks btw lol I just loved them ahaha <33 Also to be found at the fair!
The cute sweatdresses are from ISON!! theres a male version too! Comes with a HUD to change the shirt :D
I lovelovelove ISON also one of my fave stores at Collabor88 every month!!!<33 The things are always flawless! The heels I wear are from Friday ...also at the faire :D I think this was it :P I bet you can't believe you read that all...probably you even didn't and just jumped to the credits lolol <33

                                                    ♥What Gwinny is wearing:

Top ~ ISON @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Hands and Feet ~ Slink Enhancement 
Bracelet and Ring ~ Olive @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Hair ~ Liquence
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin  ~ Birdy
Shoes ~ Fri.Day @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Earrings~ Olive @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Glasses ~ Sleepy Eddy


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