Hey, you!

Sometimes we read things, on plurk....or aaaanywhere else on the interwebs...and we try...cause we are all grown-up, well yes we really do try to understand their point of view but sometimes...your jaw just drops and all you can think of is a nice, warm and all mature ...FUCK YOU :) 
Its really not easy to offend me lol but ugh what I had to read on plurk over the last days well...
This outfit is for all the narrowminded assholes out there who are judging whole groups of people, by the 2 exceptions they've met! 
And yes...its your right to have a opinion but if you act like a bag of clown dicks, while expressing it...you lose all my respect! :D <33

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What Gwinny is wearing today lol :

Hair: Magika
Top: BGTT (I love you Morgan <33)
Panties, Heels, Stockings,Earrings and Glasses: Blah
Bracelets: Izzies (@TDR Fusion only 50L)
Skin: TsG
Mesh Buttocks: Linc
Mesh hands and feet: SLink
Mouth: Loud Mouth
Bow: Happy Undead
Eyes: Ikon
Franky Necklace: Olive
Baby Necklace: Noodles
Hard(!) Candy: The secret hideout

                                                                    Poses: Blah


  1. Princess Gwin looking adorkable as ever @.@ I must learn to comment more! We gotta get the good comments heard louder than the bad right? and LOL @ Clown dicks....that made me wake up the kitty

    1. Awww thank you so much!! <33 And YES I need to comment more too -_- although I know how awesome it is to get comments, I tend to forget it myself D: and LOL sorry kitty xD