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Today I want to show you some shoes...cause...SHOETOPIA has opened...really that place is laggy like a donkey's arse on banana&oats day lol but its really worth it!! The sime is so pretty ...even if you don't need shoes (har har) just TP there to have a look at this awesome built! <3 Yeah yeah I know...why is she "dressed" like this when this is about shoes? Cause...I can can lol and there ...heres the shoe pic:

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The shoes I am wearing are ALL from Alice Project!! They are coming in several colors, you can chose if you want, bows, no bows...front bows on the Miranda heels! Jessica comes with silver and gold platforms and I love the textures on those so much....and the tiny little perfect folds on the bows!! <33
The socks are NOT part of the heels!! They are for the SLink medium feetsies!! And what I really LOVE about them...often heels for SLink are..well how to explain...they are too WIDE they often look like they are little too big ...but those fit perfectly!! <3 I could not decide which ones are my faves...maybe you...can if not go and catch' dem all!!! lol 

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Socks~ The Sugar Garden - Princess Socks @Kustom9
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow
Lips ~ Loud Mouth
Collar ~ Blah
Nailpolish ~ Lolapop
Mesh Bum ~ L.inc
Hair~ Ploom
Heels ~ Alice Project @ Shoetopia
Suit ~ Le Forme @ The Thrift Shop
Skin ~ .tsg. Kotoko :: D tone :: 
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black

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