No shadows without light...

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I think we all have our bright and loveable sides...we often meet people that are there for us in those times...
but finding those people that also stay strong at your side while you aren't shining...
while you are obnoxious, unreasonable, weak and insecure...
those people that stand tall infront of you to love and protect you while you are trying to get back on your feet again ...
those are rare and so special!
I am thankful that this year I learned to divide the sunbathers from the true friends...
and I found love in a place I never expected it...
that kind of love that just grew bigger and bigger ...
that kind that you are denying and ignoring ...
and BOOM...
 suddenly its shooting stars and fairytales! 

I say thank you to all my friends for loving me...the whole me! <3 
(waves at everyone who hates ppl doing the multiple dots behind their sentences LOL sorry....its my thinking dots :3)

Today I want to show some nice skins that you can grab at the dressing room fusion for 70L! 
Her name is Lorde and she is from Essences!! :D 
And I just had too much fun with my new earsies from Mandala!!
Me as D&D nerd loves things like this LOL 
The blushie and starsies are NOT part of the skin this is just like the most awesome blush ever from A&A for the Kittycats advent calendar thingie! 
I really hope Airedine will sell these maybe in different colors in her mainstore too!! :D <33

What Gwinny is wearing:

Necklace~ Yabusaka
Hands ~ Slink Enhancement Hands 
Blush with Starsies ~ +>A&A<+ Star Blush (Airedine Poe) 
Nailpolish ~ Blah
Ring ~ Tea.s <33
Hair~ Left: Chemistry * Right: Truth
Dresses ~ Left: Milk Motion * Right: Secret Store(@Collabor88)
Piercing ~ Cobrahive
Skins ~ Essences Lorde @TDR Fusion
Eyes ~ IKON 
Ears~ Mandala

Poses~ Kirin 

For Mr. Glitter: 

I promise I'm worthy...

Today there are SHOES! 
It's like the motherlode of shoes!!
And some lingerie...cause shoes without sexy?! 
NAH! :3

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What you see above are the Bubbles Heels from The Sugar Garden! They are made for the SLink HIGH feet (finally I had a reason to get those too :3 ) 
Yay for slutty heels in bonbony colors...I would love to go dance in them...but I'm afraid my bf would need to carry me home...with broken ankles \o/ lol <33
They are really well made and are coming with a HUD, to change the toe strap and heels!! 
You can chose between solid and clear :3 
The socks that I am wearing are from TsG too! 
Of course there are more colors, darks too <3

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Those heels from Blah. are for the HIGH feet too! 
I lovelovelove the leather detail on those!! 
Simple but hot and made with perfection!! 
A kinda every day heel...if you don't mind numb feetsies lol :D
They are coming with a HUD to change the sole color and the metals! 
Available in 15!! colors and there is a special color with special price at the Frost fair :3 

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Those shoes up there are BOTH for the SLink MEDIUM feet...
really I begin to feel like Hannibal Lector...
"come let me show you my collection of human feet and hands baby and on top of that I'll let you pet all pairs of boobs and the ass I own!" 
I think that would make a pretty awesome pick up line! 
Wellll but back to dem shooooessss *hisses*
The first thought I had when I saw those ankle bootsies from Blah. was ....MARY POPPINS!! well of course just in pink! 
I love the little details that Hoshi added to them ...the laces...the tiny hearts and even her store label is cute :3

The picture below are the Jingle heels from TsG for Frost fair!! 
They are only 100L per color as long as the fair goes on! 
Each color comes with a gold and silver version...they are such cute idea, I only wished they would come with a jingle sound :3 
I would annoy all the ppl LOL <33 

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Necklace~ Yabusaka
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ Pink Fuel - Vivid Pink
Lips ~ Pink Fuel - Pout Pinks
Bracelet ~ Tea.s
Nailpolish ~ Blah
Ring ~ Tea.s <33
Hair~ Truth (Subscribo Gift)
Socks ~ The Sugar Garden
Lingerie ~ Blah.
Skin ~ Pink Fuel - Harley
Eyes ~ IKON 
Earrings~ Gummies

Poses~ Imeka

Should I stay or should I go...

"If you say that you are mine 
I'll be here til the end of time"

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Today I wear a for me all new skin :D its a Lara Hurley skin!
I really felt like a I need a whole new brand for once!
I love my Pink Fuel, TsG etc. but I felt like I need a little change for once :D
So I asked ppl on plurk for their fave brands and maaaany answers came lol and I fell in love with this skin <33
The hair I am wearing is pure love!! Its from Chemistry and omg so hot :3 I love those perfect curls!! and it comes in different length version and with a optional beanie (all in one pack) yay for options <3!

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Yeah I'm crosseyed  >.O but still pretty ..RIGHT?! xD
NO before you all panic now its NOT the IKON eyes to blame..its just my fault and since I don't use PS on my blog pics you all have to look at it lmao <3
Those cute sweaters errr tops with arm warmers are new from Blueberry!! 
You can wear them seperately so you can mix and match colors :D The tanktop is simple but but :>
The skirts and boots are from Blueberry too!
The skirts come in several colors each with belt and no belt versions and black or white trim versions! <3
Le boots...sooo hot :3 and they come with a colorchange HUD 22 options in one!! :D

The poses I used..I admit are my new fave poses!! 
They are the Imeka poses that you can grab at Collabor88 this month!!

What is Gwinny wearing:

Necklace~ Yummy @Colabor88
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Top, Skirt, Warmers and Boots ~ Blueberry
Nailpolish ~ Blah
Hair~ Chemistry
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes ~ IKON @Fameshed

Ghost in your machine

 As I mentioned in my previous post...this time Collabor88 is full of cozys in all cute wintery colors!
They are very easy to combine and I just loved to play with all the things :D

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Above you can see jacket, sweater and jeans from U.f.O.!
Soooo the jacket is so cute!! Wintery but all hot :3 
The sweater can be worn without the jacket too!!
The skinny jeans are coming WITH the warmers BUT theres a version without warmers in the pack too!
As you can see they are a little poking through those lovely boots from Ingenue but it didn't bother me enough to change it cause I still really loved this combo :D
The hair I am wearing is from Eaters Coma (YISSS at C88 this month too) theres also a version with bangs available! But Gwinny often looks weird with bangsies T_T
Last thing to mention is the cute polarbear necklace from Yummy! For real every round the jewelry from Yummy is one of my faves cause they are so effin well done and not-everyday-boring <33

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This hair from Clawtooth must be one of my favest Clawtooth hairs ever!! Bubbles has outdone himself and I don't only say this cause theres such a nice pink LOL <33 
The headband is texture change so it matches all dem outfits ^^
This scarf from Yummy was a little pain....I fell in love with ..and I admit I actually built that look around that scarf LOL wasn't THAT easy cause I really wanted to wear it with one of the hairs available at C88 this round :> with a updo it would be much easier to wear I guess :D Its so fluffy like my RL scarf lol <33
The sweater ....wellll DRESS is from Boom ...and as always done very I put only on the "dress" without leggins my brain screamed "bladder infection" all over ahahaha for real free shoulders and THAT short in grandma would have pummeled me senseless hahaha 
but sosososo cute colors available :D
The leggins are from Maitreya and fitting under this sweater really well!! ^^
Last but not least ....SHOES!!! ppl who know me, know that I don't easily freak over shoes...but really I want to make love to those heels from AUX...SHINY SPIKES!! So well done textures I want to cry lol You HAVE to see them inworld!! Well and we ladies now have a little helpy tool ...for getting rid of to clingy dudes :> lol and yes they are made for SLink medium feet...really I keep saying this but those feet are worth it LOL

What Gwinny is wearing 1st Pic:

Hair ~ Eaters Coma @C88
Polar bear Necklace  ~ Yummy @C88
Eyes  ~ IKON @Fameshed
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Pants, Sweater and Jacket~ U.f.O. @C88
Boots ~ Ingenue @C88
Skin  ~ Glam Affair
Glasses  ~ Sleepy Eddy

What Gwinny is wearing 2nd Pic:

Hair ~ Clawtooth @C88
Scarf  ~ Yummy @C88
Eyes  ~ IKON @Fameshed
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Leggins~ Maitreya @C88

Heels ~ AUX @C88
Sweaterdress  ~ BOOM @C88
Ring  ~ Olive

All Poses used in this post ~ Imeka @C88

Winter's Daughter

Collabor88 will start its new round tomorrow so excited \o/
Theme this time is "Hibernate" all the cozy things ahead lol 
I love this season so much!!

 The dress and boots from Katatonik, and the earmuffs from Noodles for this round are so adorable!!!

The skin I wear is Izzie's group gift come with slink appliers! :D 
Joining fee for the group is 250L but so worth it since Izzie is sending gifts out very regular!! 
The snowflake jewelry set is from Izzie's too a dollarbie for 10L that you can find on her sim under the huge tree!! <33

What else Gwinny is wearing:

Hair ~ Truth (Subscribo gift)
Polar bear  ~ Birdy (Group Gift)
Eyes  ~ IKON @Fameshed
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Leggins~ ISON

Poses~ Elephante Poses

IKON Spectral Eyes

Today I want to show you the new IKON mesh eyes...YES RIGHT!! Finally he made mesh eyes...and not only simple mesh eyes as most shops do them..nooo he of course needs to do it all uberawesome lol
The new Spectral eyes are available at Fameshed!

Down there I will show you a little about them.
First thing is they come with mesh eyeballs but still are also wearable without!
I put them on was a little annoyed before already cause I really expected them to be needed to be adjusted all lol
BUT I honestly never had a pair of mesh eyes that just fitted my AV as if they were made just for Gwinny :D
Also even if they wont fit you instantly the HUD and the fitting helper makes it SUPER easy to fit them!!

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So the picture above you will notice a difference in the shading/white thats on porpuse to show you the 2 different shading options that you get in the HUD per color! <33 Also I love IKONs black eyes...thats what I wear like 99 percent of the time in SL lol

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So what we see here? xD Yeah GLOW! You can add glow as you like to your eyes using the HUD
YES I know the last pic...but really I couldn't NOT post my posessed pic lol but really working this glow makes it possible to change every color a bit and give you different looks with just one color!
But really ... why only ONE that IKON finally has mesh I cna mix and match *screams like a girl*

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The HUD...You can move the eyes...enlarge or make them smaller...fullbright...GLOW <3 and of course chooese the iris size and more <3 its just a awesome and well done little thing!! Actually has everything I need in eyes! <3

The pics below are just for showing you some of the awesome colors that are available!! <33

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What else Gwinny is wearing:

Sweater and Hair ~ Exile @The Arcade! 
Necklace  ~ Amala (not for sale) <3 
Skin  ~ Glam Affair
Piercing~ Cobrahive

If these wings could fly...

"Because I thought of you...
just for the thought of you!"
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Sometimes we are missing someone...
or some place so much that it hurts and the more we try to swallow it (har har :P) and ignore it the bigger this feeling gets as if its trying to show you that you can't hide..
I always go outside and have a walk at the lake on such days...
and start running...
running 'til I can't breath anymore!!
I was running today <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Sweater and Hair ~ Exile @The Arcade! 
Hands  ~ Slink Enhancement 
Mittens ~ VCO @ The Arcade! 
Boots ~ Sleepy Eddy @The Arcade
Skin  ~ Glam Affair
Leggins ~ BCC
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Nailpolish ~ Blah. 

Pose 1st Pic ~ Elephante Poses part of the "White as Snow" pose pack @Winter Trend

Sim ~ Winter Moon