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 As I mentioned in my previous post...this time Collabor88 is full of cozys in all cute wintery colors!
They are very easy to combine and I just loved to play with all the things :D

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Above you can see jacket, sweater and jeans from U.f.O.!
Soooo the jacket is so cute!! Wintery but all hot :3 
The sweater can be worn without the jacket too!!
The skinny jeans are coming WITH the warmers BUT theres a version without warmers in the pack too!
As you can see they are a little poking through those lovely boots from Ingenue but it didn't bother me enough to change it cause I still really loved this combo :D
The hair I am wearing is from Eaters Coma (YISSS at C88 this month too) theres also a version with bangs available! But Gwinny often looks weird with bangsies T_T
Last thing to mention is the cute polarbear necklace from Yummy! For real every round the jewelry from Yummy is one of my faves cause they are so effin well done and not-everyday-boring <33

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This hair from Clawtooth must be one of my favest Clawtooth hairs ever!! Bubbles has outdone himself and I don't only say this cause theres such a nice pink LOL <33 
The headband is texture change so it matches all dem outfits ^^
This scarf from Yummy was a little pain....I fell in love with ..and I admit I actually built that look around that scarf LOL wasn't THAT easy cause I really wanted to wear it with one of the hairs available at C88 this round :> with a updo it would be much easier to wear I guess :D Its so fluffy like my RL scarf lol <33
The sweater ....wellll DRESS is from Boom ...and as always done very I put only on the "dress" without leggins my brain screamed "bladder infection" all over ahahaha for real free shoulders and THAT short in grandma would have pummeled me senseless hahaha 
but sosososo cute colors available :D
The leggins are from Maitreya and fitting under this sweater really well!! ^^
Last but not least ....SHOES!!! ppl who know me, know that I don't easily freak over shoes...but really I want to make love to those heels from AUX...SHINY SPIKES!! So well done textures I want to cry lol You HAVE to see them inworld!! Well and we ladies now have a little helpy tool ...for getting rid of to clingy dudes :> lol and yes they are made for SLink medium feet...really I keep saying this but those feet are worth it LOL

What Gwinny is wearing 1st Pic:

Hair ~ Eaters Coma @C88
Polar bear Necklace  ~ Yummy @C88
Eyes  ~ IKON @Fameshed
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Pants, Sweater and Jacket~ U.f.O. @C88
Boots ~ Ingenue @C88
Skin  ~ Glam Affair
Glasses  ~ Sleepy Eddy

What Gwinny is wearing 2nd Pic:

Hair ~ Clawtooth @C88
Scarf  ~ Yummy @C88
Eyes  ~ IKON @Fameshed
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Leggins~ Maitreya @C88

Heels ~ AUX @C88
Sweaterdress  ~ BOOM @C88
Ring  ~ Olive

All Poses used in this post ~ Imeka @C88

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  1. I am speachless.
    Those outfits are perfect. They'd be perfect Rl as well.