I promise I'm worthy...

Today there are SHOES! 
It's like the motherlode of shoes!!
And some lingerie...cause shoes without sexy?! 
NAH! :3

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What you see above are the Bubbles Heels from The Sugar Garden! They are made for the SLink HIGH feet (finally I had a reason to get those too :3 ) 
Yay for slutty heels in bonbony colors...I would love to go dance in them...but I'm afraid my bf would need to carry me home...with broken ankles \o/ lol <33
They are really well made and are coming with a HUD, to change the toe strap and heels!! 
You can chose between solid and clear :3 
The socks that I am wearing are from TsG too! 
Of course there are more colors, darks too <3

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Those heels from Blah. are for the HIGH feet too! 
I lovelovelove the leather detail on those!! 
Simple but hot and made with perfection!! 
A kinda every day heel...if you don't mind numb feetsies lol :D
They are coming with a HUD to change the sole color and the metals! 
Available in 15!! colors and there is a special color with special price at the Frost fair :3 

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Those shoes up there are BOTH for the SLink MEDIUM feet...
really I begin to feel like Hannibal Lector...
"come let me show you my collection of human feet and hands baby and on top of that I'll let you pet all pairs of boobs and the ass I own!" 
I think that would make a pretty awesome pick up line! 
Wellll but back to dem shooooessss *hisses*
The first thought I had when I saw those ankle bootsies from Blah. was ....MARY POPPINS!! well of course just in pink! 
I love the little details that Hoshi added to them ...the laces...the tiny hearts and even her store label is cute :3

The picture below are the Jingle heels from TsG for Frost fair!! 
They are only 100L per color as long as the fair goes on! 
Each color comes with a gold and silver version...they are such cute idea, I only wished they would come with a jingle sound :3 
I would annoy all the ppl LOL <33 

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Necklace~ Yabusaka
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ Pink Fuel - Vivid Pink
Lips ~ Pink Fuel - Pout Pinks
Bracelet ~ Tea.s
Nailpolish ~ Blah
Ring ~ Tea.s <33
Hair~ Truth (Subscribo Gift)
Socks ~ The Sugar Garden
Lingerie ~ Blah.
Skin ~ Pink Fuel - Harley
Eyes ~ IKON 
Earrings~ Gummies

Poses~ Imeka

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