No shadows without light...

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I think we all have our bright and loveable sides...we often meet people that are there for us in those times...
but finding those people that also stay strong at your side while you aren't shining...
while you are obnoxious, unreasonable, weak and insecure...
those people that stand tall infront of you to love and protect you while you are trying to get back on your feet again ...
those are rare and so special!
I am thankful that this year I learned to divide the sunbathers from the true friends...
and I found love in a place I never expected it...
that kind of love that just grew bigger and bigger ...
that kind that you are denying and ignoring ...
and BOOM...
 suddenly its shooting stars and fairytales! 

I say thank you to all my friends for loving me...the whole me! <3 
(waves at everyone who hates ppl doing the multiple dots behind their sentences LOL sorry....its my thinking dots :3)

Today I want to show some nice skins that you can grab at the dressing room fusion for 70L! 
Her name is Lorde and she is from Essences!! :D 
And I just had too much fun with my new earsies from Mandala!!
Me as D&D nerd loves things like this LOL 
The blushie and starsies are NOT part of the skin this is just like the most awesome blush ever from A&A for the Kittycats advent calendar thingie! 
I really hope Airedine will sell these maybe in different colors in her mainstore too!! :D <33

What Gwinny is wearing:

Necklace~ Yabusaka
Hands ~ Slink Enhancement Hands 
Blush with Starsies ~ +>A&A<+ Star Blush (Airedine Poe) 
Nailpolish ~ Blah
Ring ~ Tea.s <33
Hair~ Left: Chemistry * Right: Truth
Dresses ~ Left: Milk Motion * Right: Secret Store(@Collabor88)
Piercing ~ Cobrahive
Skins ~ Essences Lorde @TDR Fusion
Eyes ~ IKON 
Ears~ Mandala

Poses~ Kirin 

For Mr. Glitter: 

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