Any fool can see, what you've done to me...

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It's the 8th and we know what this means...new round of Collabor88 \o/
This rounds theme is "Raw Nostalgia" and the color sheme is such so rich and clear! <33
CLICK HERE for this months catalog!
There are so many sultry and awesome gowns and dresses this round that I thought ...as logical as I am ...I start with showing you my knickers :B *flails*

Above I am wearin this cute mesh lingerie called Parisa by Steffen Garcia.. its really cute done! 
I tried to avoid mesh lingerie so far cause it was mostly so overdone ppl in SL often forget about the simple things, of course they want their stuff to stand out ...
but I think that a well done simple thing is so cute...
and I use those MUCH more often than the "specialized" ones :3
I really love these but I admit I have to fiddle with the alpha and my shape a bit more
(BUT theres a NC in the pack that tells you what digits you should use for the sizes :D)

The cute pearl necklace I am wearing, is available at C88 from Yummy...isn't that cute?!  
I usually wear NO pearls but those are adorable with those bows  you look like a little easter egg that screams UNWRAP ME BB :3 

This hair from Clawtooth for this round ~ I really really love it!! 
I admit I'm not a fan of all of Bubbles styles and textures, but I totally adore his brunettes and hell I love his colorful ones..I mean...SPRAKLES!!! (I should add some more! to show you all the seriousness of this <.<)

Poses I used are from Kirin (@C88) and Label Motion (@TDR)

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Above you can see the 2 different styles you can grab at C88, well not really different...
but funny what a difference bangs can make :D
The cardigan I wear is the item from Auxiliary this round!
It's really cute and comes with the shirt I am wearing, you can wear the cardigan seperately and I think if you find another cardigan the shirts fit under you can even mix and match that!!
I really love the textures on those,  so well done <3
This set comes with a texture change HUD to change the shirt!! :D
Actually it was hard to just choose 2 styles to show you, so I just took my fave ones lol <33

Pose is from STAKEY (to be released some time soon <3)

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and last but actually not least I wanted to show you the new IKON eyes that you can find at Fameshed this round :D the new Promise eyes are really cute and I think I don't need to say much to the quality of his eyes T_T
 when you want to try them, theres a VIP group gift this month! I bet you will like them <3


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