Dango, Dango, Dango...

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HAI! <3 
Today ...as you can see I got a leeeeeettle bit carried away in GIMP X_X
The skin phat azz skin applier for this skin is somewhat wrong and I wanted to make it a little worse and well...yeah..MEOW :B
Don't get me wrong as long as you DON'T turn advanced lighting on the applier will do great! :D <3
What else is there to mention today...the SHOES you can't see them very good on the big picture and you can't see the special thing about them on it that's why there is this fancy gif for you! 

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Right? Nothing else to say than GO GET THEM!!
They are limited to 65 PAIRS per color, they are from EPIC and can be found at the
Project Limited <-- Click me 

Those cute paws you say? YISSSS! Those are from The Sugar Garden for the Gacha Carnival that will start at February 1st, in the Gachas are the Ears, Tail and paws (a set per play)  and the collar and headdresses (not shown) are another gacha :D everything comes with a HUD to change certain parts and colors :D <33

Soooooo and *coughs* eherm *all proud* You see that hair? YUS! You know what? It's from Olive and named "The Gwin"! Buahaha still makes me sealclap!! 
You should all TP over to the Liaison Collab and DEMO me and don't forget to brush "me" in inappropriate places :D

Another thing I want to mention is this dango bow from Tee*fy (Arcade Gacha) my Rayray tried to get it for me back when the Arcade started last round...a million times and half a million burger guns later ... still no pink bow...but he never gave up getting me one and today I got it from him, and no he is not for sale :B

What Gwinny is wearing :

Hands ~ Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 and Casual 
Stockings ~ Blah.
Ring ~ [tea.s] Chewnicorn Ring - Pink (Ray <33)
Hair ~ .Olive. the Gwin Hair
Outfit ~ *Epic* Sexy Nurse {Baby.Pink}
Skin ~ -Essences - Emma Seasons 01 - doux *blonde* @The Seasons Story
Eyes ~ .tsg. Galaxy - Ice Blue @Cosmetic Fair
Shoes ~ *Epic* (look in text for more information and LM) 
Piercing ~ Cobrahive - N-Swirl 
Lashes ~ (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002
Kitty parts,Collar and Bows with Bells ~ .tsg. (see above for more)
Boobies ~ Lolas :::Tango Mirage ::: 
Fangs ~ :eskimo: Fangs
Lip alpha and shadows ~ [okkbye] Parted Lippy Alpha
Bracelets ~ Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet
Azz ~ *L.inc* Cute Azz

Poses I used are mostly Elephante Poses  except the one in the middle thats from TsH<33


Here Be Dragons