The sun was warm but the wind was chill...

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Today my yearning for spring...and for leaving this sad, dark winter behind, became so huge that I just decided to dress up for spring :D
I found this lovely new dress from Wimey suited my mood just perfectly!
Sash is crazy...this woman seems to never sleep..<3!
You will be able to get this dreamy piece of silk, when the One Word event opens on the 1st!
And I rummaged through my inventory and found lovely little things to add to it :B 

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What is Gwinny wearing?

Dress ~ Wimey @One Word (opens March 1st)
Hair ~ Truth *NEW*
Headdress & Necklace ~ Olive
Skin ~ Birdy *NEW* Group Gift (with my own tattoo layers)
Bracelets and Lei ~ Noodles
Horns ~ Amai 
Eyes & Brows ~ The Sugar Garden
Tattoos ~ Letis
Ears ~ Mandala
Hands & Feetsies ~ SLink
Feathers ~ Auxiliary
Lashes ~ Potcha
Piercing ~ Cobrahive
Arm bangles & Anklet ~ Deviance
Lashes ~ Potcha

Poses  ~ Glitterburps


The Arcade is coming!

Brace yourself... 
The Arcade is opening soon again...some might moan now like OMG NUUU NOT AGAIN! 
But let's be honest there is no better place to got little, decorative, useless niknaks than this place :B
I am showing you today some of the things that you will find there...if you manage to TP in D: lolol 
I was about to throw my keyboard in the fishtank last year ... 
The arcade will open on the 1st!

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Above you see one of my MUST plays every round..yes its plushies..NO they actually are nothing "useful" other than you can HOARD them, gift them to friends that are having the same birthdates like them, or be just happy to sit there watching your pile of plush :B
Intrigue is as I already said my MUST play every round LOL
I admit when its too packed the first days...or week...I teeeend to buy a few things that I wanted at yardsales!
Not dem plushies!! 
I mostly fight the lag just for them LOL
And yesss I hoard them in my house :B oh and yes you are welcome to visit me :>
This time we have CATS finally!! Really my inner catlady just rejoiced LOL
Gotta love a arm full of pussy :B
The two beauties on my head are the rare ones <3

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Ok WHAT the holy spaghetti monster is this u ask? For real THIS is the MOST bestestest thing ever!
As I saw the sneak peek from Intrigue about them I sealclapped infront of my screen!!
Down there you can see the game called Glitch were those are from (yes thats my little glitch there), nope no copyright infringement :P
This game sadly don't exists anymore...I really STILL miss my little Glitchen...I was Vegan Zombie mayyybe you had me on your list <3
I had them ALL I traded, bought and found some of them, but I had the full collection in Glitch and the butterfly one was my very first back then T_T 
They are made so perfectly really...and you can get a FREE display for them at the Arcade too!
I admit I first wanted to jsut rezz the display and sort them in there...but then I saw them and just wanted to lay on the ground and roll in them...and nope don't worries I'm not crazy..a.s Sheldon would say...my mom had me tested <3

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 *insert happy tears here* 

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Ok what do we see above (yep I know girl is talking much today)

We seeeee HAIR well not that good and we see EARS! lol
The hair you can see up there too, and its this rounds Arcade item from .Olive.
...really Im not a HUGE fan of short hair but omg this one is LOVE!
You get a color pack per play, and the rares are the new color pack combined with cute headbands T_T

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Do I have to say much more than this?! 
Really who doesn't needs a chicken nugget with face on?!?! (says the vegan LOL)
But yeah..and I bet many of you already knew its Mish.Mish stuffz before I told you :B
Aime is just pure awesome really...I love all her little things ...I mean how could you NOT love those?!
The trays are the rares...but really even without them they are so so so adorable :B
I really hope this girl never starts doing stuffz in RL...I would go broke in no time lolol

What else is Gwinny wearing?

Shirt ~ Tee*fy and AUSHKA&CO
Hair ~ Olive
Earrings ~ Gummies
Skin ~ Pink Fuel
Leggins ~ Ingenue
Glasses ~ Meshdol-7
Eyes ~ The Skinnery
Band aid ~ Shakeup

Poses pic 1,2 and 3  ~ Glitterburps
4th pic Exposeur @Collabor88 atm <3


Bitch, you fine!

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Today is Valentine's day :B *sealclaps*I dun care for ppl saying its just a commecial thing, I don't care for ppl who say they hate it and I don't care for ppl who don't like piiiink...cause this day is like annual pink fest...well and the day me and Mr. Glitter got partnered \o/ No matter what ppl say I LOVE all the mushy, pink things with hearts on it that designers release for this day!! I lovelovelove it :D

The Knitting Circle sim is having a teeny tiny hearts day event with cute things!! 
My skin, hair and sweater I found there! Hurry over there its not long <3
The Slink nailpolish that I am wearing is from A:S:S ..FREE! :B
And the leeeettle hamster telling you, you are fine is the group gift from Birdy
Join the group for 50L and get this cutie thing with a HUD to change the heart text, in store!
And really I usually don't like to pay for groups cause I have to give up some group space regularly BUT the Birdy group is so effin worth it...cause ALL group gifts ever, like skins, phat azz and loud mouth appliers are still in store! <3

Me and Ray got partnered today and therefore...

A special thanks goes to my godmom Rosie Posie Olivia Doe, she made the rings me and Mr. Glitter are wearing now...I am thankful forever for this cause she made them so pretty and just as I dreamed them! <33 Aren't they just perfectly cute? T_T And yep all the mush in my Valentine's post :B lol 

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I hope you all feel loved in one way or the other let it be a partner, a child, your parents or even your cats...or damn even yourself!
Don't say you are all alone and unloved...I bet when you really have a look around you, you will find someone or a little furry something loving you! <3
If you looked all closely and REALLY couldn't find anyone...IM me inworld for a free hug <3

Love has so many forms...it comes in strangers smiling at us on the streets, friends who always listen to our whines, a neighbour saying good morning, or a partner making us feel like the princess of his or her heart...or well...icecream...icecream is a perfect form of lurrrve too lolol !

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hands ~ Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 and Casual 
Ring ~ Olive. The Glitter Rings - (Ray )
Hair ~ Ploom ~ @ the Knitting Circle Vday Event <3 (SLURL in text up there)
Sweater ~ Moon ~ @ the Knitting Circle Vday Event <3
Skin ~ Atomic~ Muse Cupid @ the Knitting Circle Vday Event <3
Eyes ~ IKON
Piercing ~ Cobrahive - N-Swirl 
Lashes ~ (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002
Bracelet ~ =Zenith= @Men's Dept.
Necklace ~ [Tea.S] @Seraphim Social
Earrings ~ .Blah
Lips  ~ Loud Mouth 
Nail Polish ~ A:S:S (probably my favest store name ever..yep I am THAT mature :B)

Poses ~ Glitterburps on Marketplace 


Time is never time at all

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This round of Collabor is so amazing T_T 
Look at those horns ...YOULOOKIN? :B 
They are not only detailed as fuck...pardon my french...no they are coming with a HUD that lets you change metals, horns, pearls and horn base!! 
I think I played like 10 mins with it until I found my fave combo :B
I paired the horns with this mask from Lagyo...its like those two things are made for eachother really so pretty! 
I think the only thing that a leeeeeettle tough is to find hair fitting under it! I had loads of hair fitting under it BUT covering too much of the sides of the mask..I personally didn't liked that :B 
Looks much more fierce this way! 
The little babydoll from Katatonik that I am wearing comes with phat att and tango appliers...and the awesome option to change the mesh top with a HUD I am wearing the more openhearted version :B

What Gwinny is wearing:

Babydoll and Knickers ~ Katatonik @Collabor88
Hair ~ LoQ
Mask, Bangles and Earrings ~ LaGyo @Collabor88
Skin ~ Atomic @Collabor88
Heels ~ Fri.day @Collabor88
Hands and Feet~ SLink
Mesh Bum ~ Luck Inc.
Eyes ~ The Sugar Garden
Lashes ~ Potcha
Tattoos ~ Letis Tattoo
Horns ~ Virtual Nirvana@Collabor88

Poses left and right ~ Stakey
Middle pose ~ Glitterburps


Collabor88 Supernova

 Today I want to show you new stuffs from Collabor88 which starts tomorrow for its new round and theme "Supernova" LOTSOSPACESTUFF!! I'm so in love with this round again T_T
I will show you old stuff that I love and I will show you LOADS of poses! :B

This time will be different you will find all credits UNDER the certain pic and not at the end this time..TOO MUCH STUFFZ! :B

Why this portrait? Cause this is my fave look for today!! 

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The poses I used up here are from STAKEY called Gwin (totally not biased for sure :B)
Aren't they cute? 
There are 6 poses (YES I FORGOT ONE!) in the set and you can get them for 100L at the Stakey Mainstore ...or you join the group and save 50% on ALL the new stuffs in store... 
(I don't know how this man makes money) 

Dress~ Ane @Collabor88
Hair ~ Monso @Collabor88 
Ears~ Mandala
Skin ~ Birdy (group gift)
Animal ~ Birdy@The Chapter Four
Necklace and bracelet ~ Yummy @Collabor88
Leggins ~ Nylon Outfitters @Collabor88
Boots ~ Ingenue @Collabor88

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Above you can see another *new* STAKEY pose set called Awkward&Proud! YES THAT'S, US GIRLS! :B

Shirt ~ Erratic
Hair ~ Argrace
Earrings ~ Auxiliary for Mingle Hunt <3
Skin ~ Essences @The Dressing Room Fusion
Shorts ~ R3
Socks ~ Izzie's
Kicks ~ FLite

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LOL those poses above are so much fun! They are from Mien and called "Mic Drop Queen"!
 I really feel all sassy with dem :B
Go over to Mien to get them!

Dress~ Faenzo @Collabor88
Hair ~ Clawtooth @Collabor88 
Earrings~ Yummy @Collabor88
Skin ~ Pink Fuel
Heels ~ Fri.day
Bracelet ~ Yummy @Collabor88

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Well yeah and here you can see my very own first pose set called "The way you make feel" *all proud*
I know everyone and everyone's hamster are doing poses but me dun cares :B 
I have fun doing them :D 
If you like them you can get them on my MP store <3

Hair ~ Catwa
Ears~ Mandala
Skin ~ Pink Fuel
Shirt ~ Epic
Skirt ~ Tee*fy
Collar ~ The Sugar Garden *NEW*


Let's Mingle

It's this time of the year again..Valentines day is getting closer...there are the singles that hate it...and the couples that looking forward to it...
and there are there are the 123891237 SL hunts, events and whatevernots! 

Valentines is THE holidy in SL .. its not christmas, not easter, not towel day...NO its Vday in SL <.<

Where I come from, women make chocolate for their man for Vday..
selfmade little pieces of sugar and cocoa...and in some cases tranquilizers :B 
And on "White Day" (14th march)  the men are giving us chocolates or little presents as a thank you
 ...in case they got some from us lol <33

I did my very first Valentines day hunt for a while now in SL ... 
I think I did some when I started playing ...but...I like did every hunt back then LOL 
But since ppl have area search, and aren't that chatty anymore hunts pretty much lost their fun to me :/ 
I still have unpacked hunt boxes from 2008 D:

Ok what you see above ...all those tiny knickknacks (no not the man) you can get on this very special "hunt" called Mingle!! 
Its so cute made :D you need to interact with people...no searching for tiny whateveries..you have a HUD thats like a smartphone and designers are sending you little text messages with things you should do :D

When you managed to do all tasks, you will get access to a room filled with prices from MishMish, Intrigue, Auxiliary, Ohmai, The Secret Store, Olive and so on <33

If you are tired of the usualy hunts like me...grab a friend or your partner and give it a try :D I really had much fun and was finally social again..and off my platform LOL <33


Atomic {Muse} = ♥

Today I want to show you the new Atomic skin...named Muse...even her name is perfect!!
Let's have a closer look at her! :D

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Up there you can see all 6 tones!
 Ivy found the for me perfect tones....from very pale to a nicely done dark tone 
(and lets be honest often darker skins sadly don't look as nice cause ppl forget about nicely shading)
The first tone I put on was the "Creme" tone...she looked so good on this tiny pic on the vendor...and I was so afraid I would look all fugly with...but ...
it was love on first sight!
I really tried to find something I could mope about...but theres actually nothing :B
She comes with so many options... you have no chance but to love her!
You can also see that I am wearing Lola's Mirage and my Cute Azz from L.inc on this pic so there are appliers \o/

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Above you can see (no I dont have a lazy eye) the two eyelid options! 
I like BOTH and lookattheseleettlebrows T_T
She has the for me perfect nose too...not those skinny fashion noses its a little button nose :D

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Talking of appliers...Ivy has all my love for making Loud Mouth appliers for Muse!! <33
Up there I am wearing all the different brows from the pastels pack..YES PASTEL EYEBROW PACK!!!
There is one with dark and vibrant colors like red, dark blue and dark green!! So much love really T_T
The skin itself comes with the usual  eyebrow colors AND a no brow version!
And as you can see ..at least I hope so...the second brow pic...RAINBOW BROWS!!
I actually sealclapped at this LOL  
And I am showing you some of the lipstick colors that are available...for loud mouth and normal of course too <33

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And so you can see I'm not only babbling about loving her ...thats me today (the other pics I took on friday) still wearing her! :B
I added my fave liners (from Birdy) and lips (from the muse lipsticks :D)!
And as you can see I am wearing SLink hands and feet..YES more appliers :>
Ivy thought of them ALL!! 

Just go over to Atomic and try her yourself, I bet you will love her!! 

Ok and before ppl yell at me in IM all the things I wore :B

First two pics:

Lingerie ~ Blah.
Hair ~ Lelutka

3rd Picture:

Hair and Dress~ Exile ~ First Snow (arcade gacha)
Eyes ~ The Sugar Garden

4th Pic:

Dress~ COCO
Hair ~ D!va @ Collabor88 atm <33
Ears~ Mandala
Eyeliner ~ Birdy (group gift)