Atomic {Muse} = ♥

Today I want to show you the new Atomic skin...named Muse...even her name is perfect!!
Let's have a closer look at her! :D

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Up there you can see all 6 tones!
 Ivy found the for me perfect tones....from very pale to a nicely done dark tone 
(and lets be honest often darker skins sadly don't look as nice cause ppl forget about nicely shading)
The first tone I put on was the "Creme" tone...she looked so good on this tiny pic on the vendor...and I was so afraid I would look all fugly with...but ...
it was love on first sight!
I really tried to find something I could mope about...but theres actually nothing :B
She comes with so many options... you have no chance but to love her!
You can also see that I am wearing Lola's Mirage and my Cute Azz from L.inc on this pic so there are appliers \o/

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Above you can see (no I dont have a lazy eye) the two eyelid options! 
I like BOTH and lookattheseleettlebrows T_T
She has the for me perfect nose too...not those skinny fashion noses its a little button nose :D

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Talking of appliers...Ivy has all my love for making Loud Mouth appliers for Muse!! <33
Up there I am wearing all the different brows from the pastels pack..YES PASTEL EYEBROW PACK!!!
There is one with dark and vibrant colors like red, dark blue and dark green!! So much love really T_T
The skin itself comes with the usual  eyebrow colors AND a no brow version!
And as you can see ..at least I hope so...the second brow pic...RAINBOW BROWS!!
I actually sealclapped at this LOL  
And I am showing you some of the lipstick colors that are available...for loud mouth and normal of course too <33

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And so you can see I'm not only babbling about loving her ...thats me today (the other pics I took on friday) still wearing her! :B
I added my fave liners (from Birdy) and lips (from the muse lipsticks :D)!
And as you can see I am wearing SLink hands and feet..YES more appliers :>
Ivy thought of them ALL!! 

Just go over to Atomic and try her yourself, I bet you will love her!! 

Ok and before ppl yell at me in IM all the things I wore :B

First two pics:

Lingerie ~ Blah.
Hair ~ Lelutka

3rd Picture:

Hair and Dress~ Exile ~ First Snow (arcade gacha)
Eyes ~ The Sugar Garden

4th Pic:

Dress~ COCO
Hair ~ D!va @ Collabor88 atm <33
Ears~ Mandala
Eyeliner ~ Birdy (group gift)


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