Bitch, you fine!

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Today is Valentine's day :B *sealclaps*I dun care for ppl saying its just a commecial thing, I don't care for ppl who say they hate it and I don't care for ppl who don't like piiiink...cause this day is like annual pink fest...well and the day me and Mr. Glitter got partnered \o/ No matter what ppl say I LOVE all the mushy, pink things with hearts on it that designers release for this day!! I lovelovelove it :D

The Knitting Circle sim is having a teeny tiny hearts day event with cute things!! 
My skin, hair and sweater I found there! Hurry over there its not long <3
The Slink nailpolish that I am wearing is from A:S:S ..FREE! :B
And the leeeettle hamster telling you, you are fine is the group gift from Birdy
Join the group for 50L and get this cutie thing with a HUD to change the heart text, in store!
And really I usually don't like to pay for groups cause I have to give up some group space regularly BUT the Birdy group is so effin worth it...cause ALL group gifts ever, like skins, phat azz and loud mouth appliers are still in store! <3

Me and Ray got partnered today and therefore...

A special thanks goes to my godmom Rosie Posie Olivia Doe, she made the rings me and Mr. Glitter are wearing now...I am thankful forever for this cause she made them so pretty and just as I dreamed them! <33 Aren't they just perfectly cute? T_T And yep all the mush in my Valentine's post :B lol 

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I hope you all feel loved in one way or the other let it be a partner, a child, your parents or even your cats...or damn even yourself!
Don't say you are all alone and unloved...I bet when you really have a look around you, you will find someone or a little furry something loving you! <3
If you looked all closely and REALLY couldn't find anyone...IM me inworld for a free hug <3

Love has so many forms...it comes in strangers smiling at us on the streets, friends who always listen to our whines, a neighbour saying good morning, or a partner making us feel like the princess of his or her heart...or well...icecream...icecream is a perfect form of lurrrve too lolol !

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hands ~ Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 and Casual 
Ring ~ Olive. The Glitter Rings - (Ray )
Hair ~ Ploom ~ @ the Knitting Circle Vday Event <3 (SLURL in text up there)
Sweater ~ Moon ~ @ the Knitting Circle Vday Event <3
Skin ~ Atomic~ Muse Cupid @ the Knitting Circle Vday Event <3
Eyes ~ IKON
Piercing ~ Cobrahive - N-Swirl 
Lashes ~ (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002
Bracelet ~ =Zenith= @Men's Dept.
Necklace ~ [Tea.S] @Seraphim Social
Earrings ~ .Blah
Lips  ~ Loud Mouth 
Nail Polish ~ A:S:S (probably my favest store name ever..yep I am THAT mature :B)

Poses ~ Glitterburps on Marketplace 


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