Let's Mingle

It's this time of the year again..Valentines day is getting closer...there are the singles that hate it...and the couples that looking forward to it...
and there are there are the 123891237 SL hunts, events and whatevernots! 

Valentines is THE holidy in SL .. its not christmas, not easter, not towel day...NO its Vday in SL <.<

Where I come from, women make chocolate for their man for Vday..
selfmade little pieces of sugar and cocoa...and in some cases tranquilizers :B 
And on "White Day" (14th march)  the men are giving us chocolates or little presents as a thank you
 ...in case they got some from us lol <33

I did my very first Valentines day hunt for a while now in SL ... 
I think I did some when I started playing ...but...I like did every hunt back then LOL 
But since ppl have area search, and aren't that chatty anymore hunts pretty much lost their fun to me :/ 
I still have unpacked hunt boxes from 2008 D:

Ok what you see above ...all those tiny knickknacks (no not the man) you can get on this very special "hunt" called Mingle!! 
Its so cute made :D you need to interact with people...no searching for tiny whateveries..you have a HUD thats like a smartphone and designers are sending you little text messages with things you should do :D

When you managed to do all tasks, you will get access to a room filled with prices from MishMish, Intrigue, Auxiliary, Ohmai, The Secret Store, Olive and so on <33

If you are tired of the usualy hunts like me...grab a friend or your partner and give it a try :D I really had much fun and was finally social again..and off my platform LOL <33

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