The Arcade is coming!

Brace yourself... 
The Arcade is opening soon again...some might moan now like OMG NUUU NOT AGAIN! 
But let's be honest there is no better place to got little, decorative, useless niknaks than this place :B
I am showing you today some of the things that you will find there...if you manage to TP in D: lolol 
I was about to throw my keyboard in the fishtank last year ... 
The arcade will open on the 1st!

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Above you see one of my MUST plays every round..yes its plushies..NO they actually are nothing "useful" other than you can HOARD them, gift them to friends that are having the same birthdates like them, or be just happy to sit there watching your pile of plush :B
Intrigue is as I already said my MUST play every round LOL
I admit when its too packed the first days...or week...I teeeend to buy a few things that I wanted at yardsales!
Not dem plushies!! 
I mostly fight the lag just for them LOL
And yesss I hoard them in my house :B oh and yes you are welcome to visit me :>
This time we have CATS finally!! Really my inner catlady just rejoiced LOL
Gotta love a arm full of pussy :B
The two beauties on my head are the rare ones <3

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Ok WHAT the holy spaghetti monster is this u ask? For real THIS is the MOST bestestest thing ever!
As I saw the sneak peek from Intrigue about them I sealclapped infront of my screen!!
Down there you can see the game called Glitch were those are from (yes thats my little glitch there), nope no copyright infringement :P
This game sadly don't exists anymore...I really STILL miss my little Glitchen...I was Vegan Zombie mayyybe you had me on your list <3
I had them ALL I traded, bought and found some of them, but I had the full collection in Glitch and the butterfly one was my very first back then T_T 
They are made so perfectly really...and you can get a FREE display for them at the Arcade too!
I admit I first wanted to jsut rezz the display and sort them in there...but then I saw them and just wanted to lay on the ground and roll in them...and nope don't worries I'm not crazy..a.s Sheldon would mom had me tested <3

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 *insert happy tears here* 

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Ok what do we see above (yep I know girl is talking much today)

We seeeee HAIR well not that good and we see EARS! lol
The hair you can see up there too, and its this rounds Arcade item from .Olive.
...really Im not a HUGE fan of short hair but omg this one is LOVE!
You get a color pack per play, and the rares are the new color pack combined with cute headbands T_T

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Do I have to say much more than this?! 
Really who doesn't needs a chicken nugget with face on?!?! (says the vegan LOL)
But yeah..and I bet many of you already knew its Mish.Mish stuffz before I told you :B
Aime is just pure awesome really...I love all her little things ...I mean how could you NOT love those?!
The trays are the rares...but really even without them they are so so so adorable :B
I really hope this girl never starts doing stuffz in RL...I would go broke in no time lolol

What else is Gwinny wearing?

Shirt ~ Tee*fy and AUSHKA&CO
Hair ~ Olive
Earrings ~ Gummies
Skin ~ Pink Fuel
Leggins ~ Ingenue
Glasses ~ Meshdol-7
Eyes ~ The Skinnery
Band aid ~ Shakeup

Poses pic 1,2 and 3  ~ Glitterburps
4th pic Exposeur @Collabor88 atm <3

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