Adore&Abhor Anniversary Event

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Yes it's this time again..and yes its already 6 years!
Airedine Poe's and Sileny Noel's are holding a little ...well quite bug event for their store anniversary again!
With well known stores like Pink Fuel, Alice Project, Cheeky Pea and so on.
And there is a special blueish and pinkish version of the things!
Some are reduced for this event :D

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Up here I am showing you some cute nailpolishes...why? Cause I think people are showing off the cute polishes that are available on the grid much to less!
All you can see here are available at the Bday event too <3

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And the bestest thing that happened to me the last week was first I opened my store inworld 
HERE is the SLurl :B (pls wear sunglasses..PINK!)
and second Airedine asked me to be part of her bday event and made me cry T_T
So I made some fun party-like happy posies! 
(Yes this was shameless selfpromotion <3 )

What is Gwinny wearing?

Dress  ~ +>A&A<+ Princess Dress  - Blue/Pink+>A&A<+ Bday Event
Hair ~ Alice Project (ONLY 50L) +>A&A<+ Bday Event
Headband ~ Noodles +>A&A<+ Bday Event
Skin ~ Pink Fuel +>A&A<+ Bday Event
Shoes ~ Tea.s +>A&A<+ Bday Event

Pose  ~ Glitterburps


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