And if I fall apart...

....You know where to find my pieces <3

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My outfit today is almost completely made of things I found on the little hunt that is held on the "Actually Free" sim!
More infos can be found here Actually Free Website <3
Cardigan/Tank, Jeans, Skin and Lipstick can be found there!
The top comes with a color change HUD and the skin comes with all the appliers!! <3
There are more cute things to be found so give it a try <3

The little Fawn I am holding (thank you to Violet <3)...really needs a name I just noticed...but yeah the little fawnyboo is the rare of the Birdy ~ Spring babies gacha that you can play at the Chapter Four atm! :B
They even so so cute! 
I still need a duckling :D 

Tomorrow opens a new shopping district ...only for SLink appliers right on the SLink sim \o/
For this several shops get a little spot there, and at the opening all will have a 50% item!
Above I am showing you on the right, the nails that Elephante Poses is releasing for it ...only a few colors of it! So cute little lambs :B 

And on the left you see the amazing glitterness of Photo Nikolaidis' shop..with the lovely name A:S:S 
look at the pics ...GLITTERS I need to say moary? 
Nope! They come in awesome colors and omg so shiny! <33

The pose I used is part of my own Hands Up set and can be found on Marketplace when you search for Glitterburps <3

What else am I wearing:

Flats ~
Hair ~ Exile
Hands & Feet ~ SLink

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