SLink Visage & Izzie's Maci

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Today I am showing you all, the newly released SLink mesh head...yes I know many are afraid everyone will look the same some day and whatevernot...I think we ALL have our very own reasons to be all sceptical about mesh heads! 
I was too! And yes I love my AVs original face...I also tried all popular mesh heads on the grid, and all of them would never be a fun everyday option for me!
One had ugly neck shading, the other made my neck look to short and the certain newer ones welllll...yeah no! But thats a very reason personal tho...although I think ALL of those The Shops heads look pouty with upside down mouths...and if you charge 5k for an ANIMATED version please make sure it has at least nice expressions or a decent demo! 
What will we get in the pack with the actual head?
First will get a SKIN and makeup options with it...not like certain other can just right away wear it and look cute :B
There are 2 versions atm Becky a little more round and youngish and Emma more chinny and cute lips..more mature!
I am showing you here Becky (thanks to Mr. Glitter <3) ..of course :B
I think the biggest change in mesh headery is that there are appliers, so you can wear them with YOUR fave skin...and even switch without having to buy a complete new head!
The pricing is with  under 2.5k, in my oppinion pretty reasonable when you think about WHAT massive scripting work and creating time in general Siddean must have put into this!
In time for the release 3 skin creators already released appliers for it Izzie's, DeeTalez and Adam&Eve!
Down here I am showing you Izzie's Maci!

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As you can see Maci comes in 4 skin tones so far (I bet more are coming someday)
It was so much fun to play with the HUD that you get with it!
In the pack when you buy the appliers is a standard HUD for the base skin (down right) and a makeup HUD!
You also get the SKIN ...for your body to match the head so no need to extra buy one!
Skin tones are porcelain, fair, pale and sunkissed <3

I really love what Izzie did with the options :D
You can mix and match all the things FREELY!
And the lipsticks are all adorable.
And I love love love the hairbase option so fucking much!! 
I only wish there was a pink one :B

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Up there I am showing you the expressions the head can do!
You get them with your head!! No extra charge for animations ;B
You can turn on/off blinking...can close your eyes and even tint your lashes!!
The pic in the left upper corner...yeah that what looks like its not PG...I just took it to show you the cute tongue and the inside of my mouth...things I never thought I ever would need to say LOL <3
My the lipbite!!! I love Siddean so much for including this T_T

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Here I wanted to show you the totally cute profile of the head, and that you can turn off your ears when needed for hair etc!
I tried a lot hair so far and other than with my Logo head I don't had ANY problems with hair fitting! LOVE
Oh yeah and HAIRBASE again *sealclaps* <33
And you can see the photoshop done there its like it is inworld! Flawless :B

I really wasn't convinced ..excited for the release yes but not convinced...but now that I tried it and the more I wear it the more I really love it!
Now I just need to wait for Eilfie and Mochi to make appliers for this head too <33

 What is Gwinny wearing?

Dress and Blazer ~ Emery @ Collabor88
Hair ~ Truth @Collabor88
Bracelet ~ Izzie's
Skin ~ Izzie's Maci
Nails ~ A:S:S @Slink West

Poses  ~ Glitterburps

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