I will dance...

...when I walk away!

It's spring...everywhere...warm days with rain...bees getting back to busy...and so do I!
Well...and pollen...oh how I hate pollen T_T
It's also the time to "clean" yourself from things that are not good for you...AND most important its the bestest time to officially wear pastels :B
I love love love pastels!
Thats  the reason I'm in heaven with this months Collabor88 round!
"Watercolors in Bloom"
Let's focus on some things...first..THIS BAG *screams*
Ok I admit its NOT available at C88 ...you can get at the Cutie Moon Fair!
It's from Atomic ...and OMG really everything Ivy does has such a detail...its jsut overall perfect..I am the biggest fan of her texturing skills T_T
Also those starry tights...tights you say are easy to make? Me and my inventory full of crappy tights disagree LOL
Those are just perfect and come in 3 pastelly colors, and are also from Atomic at Cutie Moon :D
Next thing? 
The earrings! I dunno know if you know this store called "Gummies" but I ADORE IT ...Koura makes those cute leeeetle rubber earrings I collected when I was younger LOL

This lacey top and skirt ...really I put it on was just stunned, Im usually NOT a skirt kinda girl...but I LOVE THIS ONE!
It has the perfect length to me the perfect girly shape and those colors T_T
The top comes in 3 version in the box...long, cropped and as I am wearing it tucked :B
And really if you get it..ZOOM THE LACE on the collar its just perfection!
Both are available from the Secret Store at Collabor this month!
Maylee has really outdone herself on them!
The skirt even comes with a HUD to change the lacey parts!

What is Gwinny wearing?

Skirt and Top ~  The Secret Store @ Collabor88
Hair ~ Clawtooth Collabor88
Bag  ~ Atomic @ Cutie Moon Fair
Skin ~ -Atomic - Innocence Milk tone
Tights ~ Atomic @ Cutie Moon Fair
Heels ~ Fri.day @ Cutie Moon Fair
Necklaces and Glasses ~ -Yummy Collabor88
Glasses ~ (Yummy) Quinn Frames @ Collabor88
Earrings ~ Gummies 
Feet and Hands ~  SLink

Pose  ~ Glitterburps (soon to be released)


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