Ruffles and new locks ♥

My plan today was to show you some cute new hairstyles...sooo I went to the market place and was looking for a cute new ruffly top...I couldn't find any that I didn't already had or liked! <.<
BUT I found a to me new little store that had awesomely cute things for very decent prices :B
But first some other things!
This hurrrr I love it!!! Its the new Magika one...and ass some people might know...I own EVERY magika style but one cause only one didn't suited me LOL T_T
This one is called thoughtful..and well..this cute sidebang...this leeeetle twirl on the end its just perfectly cute! ♥
I am wearing braces! Those are from Loud Mouth and are add on to your loud mouth teeth! You can get the orange ones that I am wearing, for only 1L at the mainstore atm!
The nails I am wearing are my first selfmade SLink appliers *sealclaps*
What else? Oh yeah RINGS lol I love those heartie rings from The Sugar Garden so much and I could'nt decide for a color so I just added all that I wanted ...such rebel :> lolol 
OH and the unicorn ring from TeaSoup is still the cutest thing ever..and its filled with memories ♥

All outfits I am wearing in this post are from the cute little shop that I mentioned...its called Bowtique *hits the tiny drums* yeah I know lol
BUT this cute ruffly thing up there was only 110L and it comes with a HUD to change it in to one of 6!! different colors for this price D:
SO kawaii I want to scream *flails arms*
The tatts (hearty in face and belly starsie) you can get at my mainstore for only 40L, they are tintable so no panic...NO PINK NEEDED lol ♥

THIS cute babydoll was only 25L!!!
Ok it comes with no panties but really..I am one of the many girls in SL that are haording pixel lingerie without wearing them LOL so I had some fresh spare knickers :>
The hair I am wearing is one of the 2 new Truth styles...you can even change the colors of the rollers!!
He made my heart happy with this option ^^

Last but not sooo least, this cute rosey dress so cute too...and those FLATS bunnies!!!
The flats come also with a HUD and many colors!!
And the dress is so cute and girly and has a awesome fitting and look at dem rooooses!
*ruffles herself*
ALL things together, lingerie, babydoll, flats and dress were exactly 333L!!
This hair you asked? :B
Its the other new Truth style!!
Its so perfect for my melon head...and I loooove the color options for the hairband

♥ Check out Bowtique on market place ♥ <---Click me

What else is Gwinny wearing?

♥ Eyes ~ The Sugar Garden Mori Eyes 
♥Hands and Feet ~ SLink
♥Nailpolish, Tattoos and Poses ~ Glitterburps <---Click me
♥Mouth ~ Loud Mouth
♥Lipstick ~ The Sugar Garden @Cosmetic Fair <---Click me
♥Skin, Brows and Eyeshadow ~ The Sugar Garden
♥Lashes ~ Lovely Alien <---Click me
♥Necklace ~ Noodles (still my very fave one) 
♥Ears ~ Mandala


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