Arcade 2014 Intrigue Co.

It has become a somewhat tradition for me to show you guys the plushie pals that Intrigue Co. is offering for the Arcade every...and well its still one of my favest things EVER ahaha
I love those plushies so much...and I got rather many of them over the last Arcades...cause thats one of my favest machines to play!
What I do with them? Honestly?
I admire dem :B I rezz dem allover my place, gift them to friends that are having a bad day or attach dem to silly places...they are like my security blanket of SL LOL 
Cozy, fluffy ...perfect!
I had soooo many by now that I was wondering (in lack of coffee this morning) if I could make myself a fluffy gown out of dem...and well as you can seeeee!
But honestly..DONT TRY THIS AT HOME ahaha it took me quite some time but omg so worth it xD♥
Plush Couture 2014!

**No Plushie Pals were harmed during the making of this blog post**

Above here you can see this rounds collection ...everything except le turtle and the seahorse! :B
I squealed when I saw there are finally some frogs :D
15 plushies, 2 of them rares and one habitat are to win!
But no matter which one you get they are all perfect and loveable *squishes dem*

Another thing I love Katharine McGinnis for is....making all the things from a game called Glitch!
I don't know if any of you know this game...but I can say it was one of the friendliest, happiest and overall social online game place ever!
I still miss my little Glitchen and my friends, R.I.P. litte Vegan Zombie!
Those thingies you can see up here are called cubimals and were in this game 
(don't worry its NO copyright infringement so calm your mammas)
they are little wind-up toys that you used to race eachother lol 
This is the 2nd series, some of you might remember the 1st one from last round!!
I can't belive how much detail she puts in those things, although all her stuff looks edible and like candy it always looks real..WITCHCRAFT lol ♥
There are 21 Cubimals to get, 3 of dem are rares ♥

What else is Gwinny wearing:

♥ Hair: Wasabi Pills
♥ Undies: Izzie's
♥ Heels and Earrings: Blah
♥ Stockings: Pantsu Hunter
♥ Tatts: Glitterburps *soon @Fit for a Princess*
♥ Eyes: The Sugar Garden
♥ Skin: DeeTalez

Poses I made myself jsut for this post and I don't think they will ever be for sale sorry xD ♥

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