Standing in the way of the light...

 This outfit from Alchemy is just like a ROAR to me ♥ just like I feel atm!
I love this whole thing!!! 
Since I RP in RL (pen&paper RP) I really really am in love with mostly everything Nina and Tyr are doing!

ALTHOUGH this belt...I had no panties that fit under it yeah I stood at a sim WITH MY BARE ASS showing to the world ...and spreaded legs ...what a fine breeze... :B
And only 4 creeper dudes IMed me ...but it was oh so worth it LOL 
The fine details on the head are incredible! And yes those things are a gacha! 
BUT 1st awesome thing is there is one for MEN too must be so hard to be a man on the grid LOL so hurry and get nice manly thaaangs!
And second good thing? No matter which color lion, or which metal you'll get they ALL look awesome and the top belt etc are coming with a HUD for you to change the gems, fabrics and whatevernot!
The lion hood and the shield I am wearing are part of the "male" gacha :B but please I am wearing like a leather stripe as armor...LET ME HIDE BEHIND DAT THING! 
The details on the shield are so perfect!! Little cuts and scratches and UGH I love this so much ^___^
The lion head btw...I usually am NO fan of hood-like things in SL cause honestly its a PAIN in the arse to find any decent hair to go under it...and LONG hair is usually impossible X_X 
but all the styles I tried fit under it nicely :D ♥
All things I am wearing you can get at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! <---click me ♥
the CHIN part is part of a awesome Ritual Armor set that you can get at We ♥ Roleplay! <--- click me ♥
and its 25% off for the event!! 

What Gwinny is wearing:

♥ Top, Belt, Lion Hood, Scythe,Necklace and Bracer ♥

Alchemy ~ Huntress - Female Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

♥ Shield ♥

Alchemy ~ Drengr Grimmr - Male Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

♥ Chin Armor ♥

Alchemy ~ Ritual Armore Gold for We <3 RP

 ♥ Eyes ♥

The Skinnery

♥ Piercing 

Random Matter

 Hands and Feet 


♥ Hair 


♥ Lashes 

Lovely Alien

♥ Ring 


♥ Skin ♥

Glam Affair ~ Romy in Europa tone

♥ Poses ♥

First: Glitterburps ~ For Love and Justice <--Click me♥
Second: Glitterburps ~ All of me (gacha soon moved from Pose Fair to mainstore)

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  1. I suspect the male outfit would be a bit more then just the belt ... :lol: