What you said last night...

Lots of changes happened the last weeks ...good ones :B
I cut a certain person out of my life and am feeling happy and like me again!
I think we all know this when your heart tells you different things than your mind!
I'm pretty proud that I am listening to my mind for once ... although I admit it takes me a lot strength...
so what do we girls do?
Bai boyfriend... 

Today is all about hurrrr :B
And allll da pics <.<
I should have called this post 50 and 1 shades of pank! lol 

 ♥Styles from left to right♥
Serena, Mika II, Leila

♥Styles from left to right♥
Melissa II, Holly, Delilah

Above I am showing you 6 styles from Alice Project!
Let's start somewhere...what do I love about Alice Project?
First off...Alice..but I'm biased..♥
Her HUDs...there are like one and a million ways to color your hair!
She's doing hair that you won't find everywhere else!
She had glowy raver hair...spikey goth hair..she's not staying in one frame..you see and have the feeling she's doing what SHE loves and likes..and clearly thats the secret of win :B
I am showing you up there pinks and purples but let me show you the new BASICs!! HUDs

The best thing there is a SALE running atm...50% off until the 14th!
So hurry over and give it a try you will LOVE it!

Basic's Colors HUD (all the hair above was tinted with that one)

The Basic's Streaks HUDs...GLITTERSTREAKS, YOU PEOPLE! *fans self*

 And of course for the normal people ...Naturals! :B ♥

What else is Gwinny wearing:

♥Clothes and bling♥

Top: The Sugar Garden ~ Valentines Lingerie - Lavendar 
Thong: lazybones - nicki thong - purple  
Cake Ring: .Atomic. Celebrate! Cupcake Ring (TCF Birthday Gift)
Hair bows with bells: The Sugar Garden ~ Bell Hairbow 
Little tiara thingie: .Olive. the Kawaii Princess Hair Pin 
Collar: The Sugar Garden ~ Lovely Floral Collar
Rings: The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Rings
Tutu: The Sugar Garden ~ Princess Tutu - Pink Sheer
Earrings: Blah. (My Bow Bunny Earring)

♥Body parts lol <.<♥

Hands and Feet: SLink
Head: M3
Bum: *L.inc* Cute Azz 
Tatas: Lolas Mirage

♥M3 Head Mods♥

Eyes: CandieCutie
Brows: Candy Mountain
Skin (for Head only): POMF
Skin for body only: The Sugar Garden Vampy (any skin)

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  1. I think I need to recalibrate my monitor, it only displays pank .... ;-)