Frogs and Dogs!

My look of the day that I loved that much that I wanted to share it with you!
As you can see I made it into the Arcade to grab some things I wanted! ...And somethings I didn't wanted...but got anyways LOL :B
WASHING MACHINE lmao when I saw this one on Flickr, I knew I needed iiiit!
And the gacha gods were nice to Gwin it only needed 7 plays to get it ...clean panties everywhere I gooo *flails*
Another thing I really wanted was ....FROG ICECREAM :D *waves at Yooden Bing*
Do you see this uberly cute hair from Olive? 
I put it on and was in luuuurve! Fits Gwinnys weird face just perfectly!
Its so effing adorable, those cute clips are a seperate attachment so when you don't like dem ...don't you can see one of the clips has a letter on ..its texture change :>
But there are many more hair colors and attachments to win!
Those cute uniforms that Eilfie just released are just so kawaii ...I put them on and didn't wanted to take them off again T_T
They are coming with a HUD, you chose the cardigan color you buy, and can change buttons, collar, skirt and the ribbon with the HUD ...SO MANY CHOICES EILFIE ♥
Also ... foxy shades *strikes a pose*

What Gwinnyboo is wearing:

Neck tattoo: Glitterburps ~ Always! Tattoo Tintable --> Mainstore ♥
Tights: .Atomic. Twinkle Tights - Lilac
Uniform: The Sugar Garden ~ Academy Uniform - Pink Cardigan  --> Mainstore ♥ *NEW*
Rings: The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Ring - *ChibiMoonxGold* 2
               The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Ring - *MoonxGold* 2
               The Sugar Garden ~ Ruffle Platforms
Frenchie: Alchemy - Doge -  French bulldog - Snow --> The Chapter Four ♥
Hands & Feet: Hands aSlink Avatar Enhancement
Nailpolish: Glitterburps ~ Modern Princess --> Fit For a Princess ♥

Arcade Stuffsies:

Sunglasses: *katat0nik* (fox) Sunglasses --> The Arcade ♥
Frog Icecream: *katat0nik* (frog) Ice Cream Bar --> The Arcade ♥
HURRRR and Clips: .Olive. the Eilfie Hair - Tangled Candies --> The Arcade ♥
Backpack: Tee*fy The Unusual Bags - Washing Machine RARE --> The Arcade ♥
Phone: .tsg. Keitai Flip Phone Sweets Decoden RARE --> The Arcade ♥

1 comment:

  1. clean undies are nice. The cute doggy is fun.
    But licking the green frog all day must be a winner ...