F*CKN Cute

Today is just a simple LOTD that I wanted to share cause I felt all pretty :B well and maybe I haz a gacha problem :>
Usually I play gachas like max of 5 times...I don't care for full sets so I just avoid gachas that require that lol 
But this time I needed the E and G bracelets from Blueberry Hill for me and my boo♥  
 I gave all my doubles away already but in case you need a Y or X just IM me, Gwin LeShelle inworld I have LOADS of them lol ♥
Other things I found at OMGacha are the necklace from Spellground and the cute blossom rings and bracelets from Blah....oh well and the tights from Abrasive and those uber cute ballet flats from Muka I mayyybe found there too...btw the sushi kittens are a gacha at The Chapter Four...I NEED A INTERVENTION! *slinks off in a corner*

As some of you might or know...I love glasses in SL and I buy every pink pair I can find lol in hope its all cute and fitting me and well...the new ones from The Sugar Garden ARE PERFECTION! They are coming with a HUD to change the glasses T_T I'm so happy you all have no idea lol
Also you all might have noticed my little photobombing tiki bunny by now :B its from Mish.Mish for the Seasons Story that will open soon!

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skin: -Glam Affair - Cassia - Asia - 05 @Creation.JP <--Clickie♥
Hair: Magika ~Shine
Dress: .Atomic. {Hello Sunshine}
Tights: abrasive ~  Sugarbone Thigh Highs ( Fruit Punch ) @OMGacha <--Clickie♥
Shoes: *MUKA* Ballet Straps - Flower RARE @OMGacha
Glasses: The Sugar Garden ~  Mirai Glasses - Bubblegum *NEW* <--Clickie♥
Lolli:  The Sugar Garden ~ Lollipop Love - Strawberry *NEW*
Earrings: ->Freak<- Diamond Earring pale rose
Note Tattoo: Glitterburps ~ Tune! Tattoo Tintable @Rhapsody <--Clickie♥
Bunny: *MishMish* Tiki Bunny @The Seasons Story (soon)
Necklace: +Spellbound+ Fckn Cute Cookie Necklace // Pink/Yellow @OMGacha
Sushi Kitties: .Birdy. Sushi Kitties @The Chapter Four
Heart Rings: The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Rings (gacha)
E+G bracelets: Blueberry Hill ~ petit oiseau alphabet bracelet @OMGacha
Flower Rings: Blah. (Hana Flower Ring) @OMGacha
Flower Bracelets:  Blah. (Hana Flower Bracelet) @OMGacha
Camera:  Tentacio ~ Polaroid @The Chapter Four


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