Urban Ninja

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Today I saw Rora of Zanzibar Creationz posting pics of her new sweaters on plurk!
Lol I mean look at this fierce deer...its like it could stare down all dem cars trying to hit it...
and still its dressed like a sir! 
I can tell you her SIM around her store is really pretty too...
I know this very well, cause thanks to rolling restarts I was stuck there for an hour lmao! 
You really should give it a try...and drag your man with you cause theres a male version too so TP over there to grab your dapper deer sweater ♥

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skirt: Gawk! (lower part of a dress xD)
Tights: .Atomic. ~ Twinkle Tights - Lemon
Legwarmers: Blueberry 
Sweater: Zanzibar Creations ~ Stag Swag Sweater ~ Odelle *NEW* @Mainstore
Necklace: Adore + Abhor ~ Drippy Necklace - Poison - Gold @Mainstore
Polly: -Pixicat- Parrot (Pink) @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hairclip: . Sweet Thing. Shooting Star Hair Clip @Gacha Mania
Bracelet: . Sweet Thing. Starshine Charm Bracelet @Gacha Mania
Katana: The Sugar Garden ~ Kawaii Katana - Bubblegum & Yellow @Mainstore
Phone: The Sugar Garden ~ Keitai Smart Phone Creepy Cute @Mainstore
Rings: The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Ring @Mainstore
Skin: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu  D Tone @Mainstore
Lashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes 
Fannypack: Intrigue Co. - Fanny Pack: Rainbow @Mainstore
Hands and Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat&Victory and Flat Feet
Shoes: Tee*fy Betty Sandals Apple Green @Mainstore 
Hair and Headphones: TRUTH HAIR Maiko @Mainstore (older gacha)
Little dude on my head: [geek.] Wildfire Gacha @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Gum: Pink Fuel ~ Yum Bubblegum!
Rose Ring: {MYNX} Rose Ring 
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Dark Skies - Dark Brown @Mainstore (in VIP section group giftie)
Backpack: ~_* Cooties  *_~ Rainbow Glitter StarMaker BackPack

Bows & Kittycats

Today I am showing you one of my favest LOTDs lately, its simple...clean and its older stuff :> so no Events you need to rush to for the stuff

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: ~ LeLutka *Group Gift* (bow is from another LeLutka hair called Alice)
Eyes: The Sgar Garden ~ Dark Skies *Group Gift* (can be found in VIP section ♥)
Dress: The Secret Store
Tights: Izzie's
Shoes: The Sugar Garden
Necklace: Yummy
Rings and Nailpolish: The Sugar Garden
Skin: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu 
Lashes: Lovely Alien
Hands and Feet: SLink 

Casual Princess...

Today I mixed and matched just some of my new favest finds with some of my old faves :D
First...those shoes from Pixicat, are out for Fifty Linden Friday today! 
So run over and grab them cheap as long as its possible ♥
I combined them with this cute little sweater from Atomic, like most of Ivy's clothes this one comes with a texture change HUD too and gives you floral and plain options :D 
I just felt all cozy in it since summer seems to have left here already!
And why the crown? Cause in every girl is this little princess :> 
even when we are wearing sweaters and comfy pants >:3

What Gwinny is wearing:

•Sweater: Atomic *NEW* @N°21
•Hair: Catwa
•Crown: The Sugar Garden *NEW* @Mainstore
•Tights: Jim
•Heels: Pixicat @FLF today♥ TP to Store
•Glasses: The Sugar Garden
•Disguise Pen: The Sugar Garden
•Pegasus: The Sugar Garden
•Bracelet: Sweet Thing
•Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Sleepy Eyes
•Rings: The Sugar Garden
•Necklace: Cutie Moon Fair giftie (old)
•Skin: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu
•Star and Pose: Glitterburps *NEW* @Mainstore
•Cloud: by me♥

Rattle my bones...

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Today I am showing you some things you can find at District5 :B I fell in love with all the boney things... (PERV don't even go there!!) lol 
First I found this cute little pencil skirt from Virtual Nirvana, it comes with a cute tube top that has a colorchange HUD ...but then I remembered that VN released a cute cardi some time back with a boney chest and I thought combining that is fierce :> 
The other cute boney sweater dress is from Epic and can be found at Lubbly Jubblies
It comes in several cute colors and has awesomely cute sleeves ♥
I combined both outfits with those cute skully platforms from Blah.that you can find at District5 also!
They come with a colorchange HUD for the skull and soles and metal parts :D

What Gwinny is wearing:


Tights: [ abrasive ] 
Dress: *Epic* Off-Shoulder Skelly Dress! {Hot.Pink} @ Lubbly Jubblies
Hairclips: . Sweet Thing. @The Gacha Mania
Earrings: . Sweet Thing. @The Gacha Mania
Rings: The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Ring 
Glasses: The Sugar Garden ~ Shy Megane - Pink *deco* 
Skin&Face: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu  A Tone @Mainstore
Choker: Blah. ( My Penta Choker ) Gold @Black Fashion Fair
Heels: Blah. (My Sweet Skull Platforms) Lime @District5
Hands & Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Flat & Slink AvEnhance Feet High
Hair: [LCKY] Drippy // Type 2 *NEW* and sooooo cute!! @Mainstore
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Sleepy Green


Tights: [ abrasive ] 
Hair: .Olive. the Rachel Hair @N°21

The Sugar Garden ~ PrismPower Rings (hearts) 
+ Herspherical {Moon Ring} Gold 
+ {MYNX} Rose Ring 
Glasses: The Sugar Garden ~ Shy Megane - Black @Mainstore
Skin&Face: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu  A Tone
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Slink fingernails - Royal Purple @Mainstore
Rawoof: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike - Black @The Chapter Four
Heels: Blah. (My Sweet Skull Platforms) Violet @District5
Necklace: Mad Echo - D20 Necklace - Pink @The Gacha Mania
Skirt: VN - Retro Pencil - Skelly @District5
Mushie and Demon: [Alchemy]
Cardi and Skelly Top: [VN] Loose Cardi - Plum
Septum: [whatever] Septum @The Dressing Fusion
Hair Bonesies: {Amai} Bone Decora. Bare @The Gacha Mania
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Luminate - Red

Two Sisters

Collabor88 has such a wonderful theme this month! Not only its the birthday month for Collabor, what means there are even MORE designers this round no, the Odyssey theme is just wonderful!
All the designers did so great on creating greek goddessey things! 
Seems like everyone was inspired :D there are cute and detailed builds, shoes, jewelry and clothes so many things and its pretty overwhelming with all the pretty! 
Just try your luck and TP over there to look at the goodies yourself :D ♥

Today I wanted to show you all this cute dress from Katat0nik...honestly...I could'nt decide which color I like the most and they were all so cute ...and omg look at the handdrawn clouds and stars on the goldish one! 
Basically thats the reason I needed to take both colors, cause I just didn't WANTED to decide lol :B
I just loved the lightness and the top area...well and the bottom is so fluffy and I'm the biggest fan of Kats drawn textures anyways...have you seen the things in her mainstore?! 
This woman has crazy skills in drawing and always a nice word!!♥

What Gwinny is wearing:

Dark Sister:

Skin: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu in F Tone
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Ocean Eyes in Lavendar
Hair: Olive ~ The Shiny @Collabor88
Dress: Katat0nik ~ Goddess Dress in Black @Collabor88
Sandals: Pure Poison @Collabor88
Horns: Half Deer @Collabor88
Bolt Jewelry: Cae @Collabor88
Satyr buddy (cause everyone needs a frisky friends like him ): Mish.Mish @Collabor88
Hands and Feet: SLink ~ Flat Hands amd Medium Feet

Pose: Kirin ~ Hera @Collabor88

Golden Sister:

Skin: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu in A Tone
Eyes: Chop Shop
Hair: Lamb ~ Pandora @Collabor88
Dress: Katat0nik ~ Goddess Dress in Light Gold @Collabor88
Heels: Hucci @Collabor88
Flower Crown: Katat0nik @Collabor88
Jewelry: Cae @Collabor88
Butterfly: Enfant Terrible (tinted goldish xD )
Glasses: The Sugar Garden *NEW*
Hands and Feet: SLink ~ Flat Hands and High Feet

Pose: Kirin ~ Athena @Collabor88

Sleepy Bunny...

Today I felt like posing with this cute new little chair from Mish.Mish for Atelier Kreslo! 
On the second pic you can see the open version and some of the poses that are in it, the pose on the first pic is made by me :>

What Gwinny is wearing:

Undies: Pixel Geek @The Big Show ♥Click here♥
Moon Rings and Earrings: Herspherical@Kustom9 (on the 15th)
Striped bunny stockings: CottonCandyMonster 
Bunny Socks: Bad Seed Boutique ♥Click here♥
Rose Ring: {MYNX} Designs ♥Click here♥
Eyes: Chop Shop
Neck Tattoo: Glitterburps
Bunny Cardigan: The Sugar Garden ♥Click here♥
Hair: Ploom
Hair Clips: RSK ♥Click here♥
Sleeping Mask: Tee*fy
Lashes: Lovely Alien and Mon Cherie
Nailpolish: Izzie's


1st Pic: Glitterburps~Hands Up and Glitterburps ~ Chocolate Disco ♥Click here♥
2nd Pic: Mien Poses for Mish.Mish ♥ (in chair)  ♥Click here♥

♥Body Parts:

Hands: SLink ~ Flat 
Bum: L.Inc ~ Cute Azz
Skin and Face: The Sugar Garden
Boobies: Lolas ~ Mirage

I've been waiting to smile...

I just slapped on some things that made me happy today! So I thought I would share my mix with you all ♥
I am a little out of the loop with events and things but am trying my hardest to keep up again >:D
So today there won't be much babbling just facts :3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skin: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu Mesh Head in A tone *NEW* ♥Teleport♥
Hair: Spellbound (comes with beanie) 
Hearty Eyes: Chop Shop (gacha 50L per play) ♥Teleport♥
Shirt: B.C.C. group gift atm (50L to join group)
Shorts: Pixicat @ Uber ♥Teleport♥
Socks: The Sugar Garden
Shoes: COCO @The Chapter Four ♥Teleport♥
Doggie: Alchemy @The Chapter Four
Choker:  2PM  @The Chapter Four
Backpack: The Sugar Garden
Glasses: The Sugar Garden
Flower Ring: Blah. ♥Teleport♥
Hair Tie Bracelet: Izzie's ♥Teleport♥
Lashes: Lovely Alien
Sleeve Tattoos: Katat0nik ♥ ♥Teleport♥
Leg Tatts: NEO
Cotton Pufflings: MishMish @The Dreamers Factory ♥Teleport♥
Neck Tattoo, Nails and Poses: Glitterburps ♥Teleport♥

The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu Mesh Head

First I want to say thank you for all the cute Emails that I received while being away the last weeks they meant a lot to me!♥
And second...the wait is finally over! Eilfie finished and released her mesh head finally!
I am so happy...I never waited more impatient about something in SL...and I unpacked them all cautious...and yes I might be biased...but hell shes just perfect and you probably will see me wearing that head forever now!
It was so worth the waiting time...so effing worth... *imagine more sailor language here*
I don't know where to start with all the awesome features she added to the head!
I never wore the the Shops heads...for reasons...and the SLink head was cute but not not cute enough for my taste!
And THIS is jsut perfection for any Sugar Garden girl out there ♥
First what many would want to know is the price, before I tell you how much it is I will tell you what you get in each tone pack!

Of course the Head, and body skins (with toned, soft and cleavage options)
the HUD...this tiny magic thing...
that gives you no less than 16...in letters SIXTEEN make-ups..thats like 16 different skins in one!
You have 14 Expressions some of them you can see on the pic down there...
and what many mesh heads were missing..well or all...HAIRBASES...and not only in hair colors like normal ppl have...no theres pink, purple teal and WHITE!!
And the bestest thing is? You can tint base and brows in ANY color you like...and it works awesome!!

Click me♥

Up there I am showing you some of the make-up and expressions!
And the price you say? 3000L pricey you say? but if we break it down to 16 options its like 187L per skin...thats well...more than cheap!! As you can see on the pic above it also has a mouthie option lol ♥ And Eilfie is planning on more updates and make-ups in the future :3 
Go and grab a demo ...you will love it!! 

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Hair: Magika (I dont want to take it off again) @Collabor88 <--Clicky♥
Dress: Atomic @Collabor88
Mouthie Sandwich: Atomic
Lashes: Lovely Alien