The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu Mesh Head

First I want to say thank you for all the cute Emails that I received while being away the last weeks they meant a lot to me!♥
And second...the wait is finally over! Eilfie finished and released her mesh head finally!
I am so happy...I never waited more impatient about something in SL...and I unpacked them all cautious...and yes I might be biased...but hell shes just perfect and you probably will see me wearing that head forever now!
It was so worth the waiting effing worth... *imagine more sailor language here*
I don't know where to start with all the awesome features she added to the head!
I never wore the the Shops heads...for reasons...and the SLink head was cute but not not cute enough for my taste!
And THIS is jsut perfection for any Sugar Garden girl out there ♥
First what many would want to know is the price, before I tell you how much it is I will tell you what you get in each tone pack!

Of course the Head, and body skins (with toned, soft and cleavage options)
the HUD...this tiny magic thing...
that gives you no less than letters SIXTEEN make-ups..thats like 16 different skins in one!
You have 14 Expressions some of them you can see on the pic down there...
and what many mesh heads were missing..well or all...HAIRBASES...and not only in hair colors like normal ppl theres pink, purple teal and WHITE!!
And the bestest thing is? You can tint base and brows in ANY color you like...and it works awesome!!

Click me♥

Up there I am showing you some of the make-up and expressions!
And the price you say? 3000L pricey you say? but if we break it down to 16 options its like 187L per skin...thats well...more than cheap!! As you can see on the pic above it also has a mouthie option lol ♥ And Eilfie is planning on more updates and make-ups in the future :3 
Go and grab a demo will love it!! 

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Hair: Magika (I dont want to take it off again) @Collabor88 <--Clicky♥
Dress: Atomic @Collabor88
Mouthie Sandwich: Atomic
Lashes: Lovely Alien

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