Dreams are born from clouds...

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...and stars ...thats where our loved ones go to when they die, so they can watch over us...
well that's what I strongly believed as a kid...and when I am honest I still like that thought! 
I think its things like that...that our parents tell us, those are no lies, those are tiny happy places ...like soap bubbles..that protect our little souls from the rough and cruel world! 
Some people say, its bad to tell your kids things like this cause it would be nothing but lies, and some day they will see its not true! 
Well and I say...give your kids dreams, colors and happiness...teach them to use those tiny little wings of imagination...I never felt betrayed from my grandparents, who raised me, no...I am very thankful they teached me how to see the world in happy way...how to see those little details that others might call childish. I thank them for letting me create a little happy spot in my heart, filled with faeries, unicorns and sock monsters(cause really NO way I just LOST all those) that still is picking me up on a bad day! 
I miss my granpa alot these days, and my dad whom I lost at the age of 4...
I am going to be 31 soon, I don't hate this number like some of my female friends xD 
I once got told I won't get any older than 16...well here I am ..still fighting...but still kicking  :3 
I dunno why but my birthday month always makes me a little moody and miss my loved ones...
and when I am sad I sit in the garden...and tell all my worries to the stars, and I feel happy again!

Now you know what inspired me for this picture ♥
And now gone with the blah and yay for the details!

Its Arcade time again...I am sure you already heard of it..cause you can't miss it LOL
All the people popping lists around like it was free jelly beans!

Let's start somewhere...those little Zodiac friends from Mish.Mish...I have chosen 4 very important signs to me for this pic: Leo, Capricorn, Taurus and my own ...Virgo :D
Those are SO cute...they come with a little socket you can place them on, I just unlinked them for the pic ♥

Second...Intrigue Co. plushies, yeah I know every year I took a unique picture with showing each plushie from the current round...due to RL and health issues...well and inspiration I just chose some of my faves this time, I am playing Pen&Paper RP in RL and thats the reason I really loved this rounds theme of imaginary friends..well and CTHULHU...was one of my frst RPs ever lol  
So go and try it...Hydras, Unicorns and Kitsune are waiting for you! ♥

3rd space suit cause dreamers need all the good equipment on their journeys!! :B
Those cute space suits are from the Secret Store and just so perfectly made, I know I usually say the best version is the pink version...BUT Maylee made a Buzz Lightyear colored version of this suit lol made me sealclap when I saw it~♥

4th...RIBBONS cause really even in space we gonna need to look like a pretty princess :> gonna show you more of those in a next post tho :D These are in the gacha from Katat0nik, but there are also chokers and bangles ...end even some with skulls and shamrocks :3
The rare with the panda is texture change ^^♥

Last but not least is this cute Oceana hair from Olive, its inspired by Arielle the leeeettle mermaid!
"SING ARIELLE SIIING" *evil laugh* ...sorry sometimes I have my moments!
For me this was my first Disney and my first movie in a theatre so that one will alway be my favest disney princess...hopefully they won't sue me for using their name twice :B lolol
The other hair in the gacha from Olive is a Belle inspired hair :B

Ahem...and maybe some shameless selfpromotion ..
the starsie is made by me and the pose too and a full set of starsie poses is available in my mainstore *dies* ♥

Teleport to the Arcade ..well if you can make it in lol


Here Be Dragons