We didn't start the fire...

Its september the 8th...this means? RIGHT ...Collabor88 time :3 the colors and theme this month are AMAZING! I honestly felt like a kid at a candy store seeing all those colors and prints...I didn't knew what to wear first lol
As a 80s kid this all just felt like WOOOO childhood for me lol 
One of my favest things was this cute dress with the Toy belt cause I had a veeeery similar dress in my teens...driving my grandpa crazy LOL poor him...had to deal with me piercing all the body parts and coloring my hair in another rainbow color every month ...he had the patience of a hippo on weed!
And another thing that instantly triggered memories was this little plushie friend from Mish.Mish...
I just was like omg POPPLES when I saw iiiit sosososo happy ...
I think all of my friends had one....and don't forget the Popples cartoon can't belive I was able to watch that for longer than 2 mins back then lolol
Another thing that I loved back then...scrunchies \(^o^  )/ 
finally there are some in SL I was looking for some for a while now ...
I think I wore so many on one arm that my grandparents were afraid my arm will turn purple soon  LOL
So really before I write more nonsense better hurry over to Collabor88 and check out yourself what designers made out of the "Miami Electric" theme and don't forget to wear some shades...
well and bright leggins :3


Torn Tights: Schadenfreude @Collabor88
Heels: Ingenue @Collabor88
Tattoos: *katat0nik* @Collabor88
Dress: *katat0nik* @Collabor88
Popple Friend: *MishMish* @Collabor88
Star Bracelet: . Sweet Thing. 
Skin and Face: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu 
Eyelashes: //LovelyAlien//
Paper Clip Earrings: Intrigue Co. @Collabor88
Hearts Bangle: Intrigue Co. @Collabor88
Scrunchies on Arm: Intrigue Co. @Collabor88
Bubblegum: LaGyo @Collabor88
Necklace: LaGyo @Collabor88
Hair: Lamb. @Collabor88
Hands and Feet: Victory&Flat and High Feet 
Eyes: The Sugar Garden


Skates: The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates
Junk Food Necklace: (Yummy)
Skirt: -Pixicat- @Collabor88
Varsity Jacket: -tres blah - @Collabor88
Skin and Face: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu 
Caged Top: Baiastice @Collabor88
Piggies: Birdy - Wilbur @The Chapter Four <--Clicky ♥
Hair: Clawtooth @Collabor88
Fanny Pack: Intrigue Co. 
Walkman: The Secret Store - My first Cassette Player 
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Dark Skies

Props in le background:

Clothes hanger thingie is from Lark and the Motel sign is from Floorplan both  @Collabor88

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