Today I am showing you this...hint of an outfit from G-Shot xD
If one could wear any less you ask? YES sure haha you can turn the skirt off via HUD :3
And the nipple piercing and the cufffs and so on!! :D
This Outfit is pretty daring and I LOVE it xD



Summer usually keeps me buzzing all day :D
I was up so early yesterday it should be illegal to be awake at 3am ww
And after work I went shopping with the teenie, some furniture for her room and we had too much fun XD


🌙魔法 少女⭐

Crystal Heart Academy...I guess everyone of us tried to get in there this week xD
No matter how often you need to hit the TP...its WORTH IT! ^^
Even as premium you had a hard time getting in there I can assure you that!
But many designers have put out super adorable gifts for us too <3
I even took my RL daughter with me there yesterday she was super happy xD
I guess every teen girl loves 美少女戦士セーラームーン T^T
Well we had so much fun yesterday that we stayed up until 2 am ww
Cause we both had no work or school today but we had to get up at like 5 am anyways :3 
we were tiny 魔法 少女 zombies until our first coffee w



Gwin LeShelle, 夏の風
Today I am all summery lazy dressed for a sunday ^^
This super chic yet comfy outfit from Sorumin for Lootbox is just so perfect, you just slap it on and look fancy but still summery ^^
Just ready to walk down to the beach ^^


 Pool fun! :D
I took dem little dragons from Yokai to the pool ^^ 
and since our son's surname means little dragon those are just dear to me <33
And our little dragon is kinda LIVING in our pool on hot days XD 
He saw that there is a heatwave in Europe atm on TV and just said 
"luckily I do not live there anymore...I LOVE RAINY SEASON!" and he really does <.< 
he loves jumping into puddles with me! :3



This week is crazily busy :D but in a nice way.
 spending a lot of time with the family, Jiros brother visited, our 16yo daughter is entering the last year of highschool, we had a small trip to Mount Fuji, and so on xD 
I can not believe its already friday, I swear it was monday just yesterday!



Today I am showing you some things that I love ^^
Maybe I was inspired from showing my kids pictures of me and Jiro in the 90s haha
well actually his mother showed them the pics she had...believe me it wasn't pretty LMAO



  Well today I am all in summer mood...the humidity lately is high so when we get home we usually spent time at the pool in RL xD although its rainy season ^^and lots of popscicles sooo today I tried to have that summery feel in SL too :D
Jiro and me looove the water and the kids of course too ^^

I am trying to show you a lot from the new Reign summer and more stuff ^^
SOOOO many things *flails*



MONDAY \o/ and I was healthy enoughs again to not feel like a blob at work x3 
This super awesome sweater from E.Marie is like spot on haha and it comes in maaaany awesome colors and fun prints!! xD 
This one for sure is my fave xD
The hair with cap is basically me in a nutshell lmao




I am showing you some cute things today but first of all MATERIAL SHINE!! This Is Wrong is releasing sooo many nice ones atm *-* I looove playing with materials and material lights sooo those are just pure awesomeness!!



Today the weather in Tokyo was little gloomy but sooo I decided to make a all happy rainbowy outfit when life gives you clouds make rainbows ...or so they say? xD
I had like a bad headache today at work  because I am bad at keeping myself hydrated X_X


😻What you mean...OBSESSION?!

Saturday night and I am living my cat mommy dream x3
Nah for real I am a catperson...I mean I can appreciate cuuute wee little dogs too don't get me wrong I PET IT ALL!! xD 
but I prefer sassy-assed cats :D
So todays furniture are from Lagom, and the skybox too... KITTY SHAPED EVERYTHING! :3
You like kitties? You will love that gacha!



Today I wanted to show you this super adorable bundle of joy from Black Bantam I am usually not a pixel baby fan haha but THOSE are so adorable it was love at the first sight!!
 and maybe Jiro and me were just in the perfect mood for this release ...I won't say more haha



RL has been surprisingly busy the last few days xD We went for some super short weekend trip, and we had our dishwasher and stuffs delivered this morning :3 
shiny new things for shiny new renovated housy xD *pets her precious*




Today I am all in bunny mood xD maybe cause I need extra many fluffy things since this orange guy is over in our country, and the stabbing in Kawasaki made our hearts so heavy :(
But we also had new Reiwa era being assigned, so this means no shadows without light for anything horrible something good happens T^T 



Today I am showing you this gacha set from Chacha :3 Kinky and cute are not working well together you say?
Well I surely say they do! xD 
The ones with the cute faces are usually the worst Jiro always says LMAO



Today imma show you this super hot and super effin shiny outfit from RIOT...I LOVE the colors in RIOTs Fatpacks you can mix&match all crazy, totally my cup of iced-tea ^^



Cacti and succulents have always been a passion of me, maybe cause my grandad had a passion for them and I just adopted that but I still find them so much more interesting than the usual flower or green plant that people keep in their houses ^^
Although I tend to poke myself on them haha its like they are magnetic to me xD
And I loved petting the tiny chubby leafsies of my succulents as kid...when I think about maybe I always was the weirdish kind of person LMAO



Today Jiro and me went for icecream in one of our favest Cafés while the kids were in school ^^
The weather was a little cloudy and also a little rainy but I dunno it still was a all beautiful and sunny day for the heart haha
Maybe cause of the HUGE strawberry sundae that we shared ^^



Since Jiro and me survived our wedding ...and the drunk relatives afterwards lmao and we have off until wednesday I thought we could make a post together cause I looove our together posts...so many giggles usually and today was like...well you see the picture lol
Jiro and me had too much fun with that! xD 
I planned both of us wearing the rocket outfit from Miwas, since she released a male version for Equal10! BUT Jiros idea was...special xD and so much better haha


🍔 ハラペコ 🍟


That I have a thing for food stuff in SL is no secret XD
 I have had this food obsession in ANY game I played and play xD 
And Jiro always helps me finding food related stuff haha or even cooks food for my char in games, well he cooks for me in RL too so hes a keeper :O



Summer is soooo close you can smell it sometimes in the mornings already!! 
And I lovelovelove being back home and enjoying it so much...its like a dream that you alway fear to wake up from!



Although season is over I am still all in the mood! XD 
And those super adorable body and face petals from Miwas are perfect! 
And yes this totally counts as an outfit! *nods with serious face* 



早起き, kawaii, pastels

I feel like a zombie atm haha not enough coffee in the world! 
Although Jiro said I wear too many pastels for a zombie...of course than we had an awesome talk about what zombies are allowed to wear xD 
Bestest lunchdate ever <3
The funny things is that I am tired because I went to bed so early last night and got up at 7 am...usually I am getting up at 4am after going to bed very late lmao
so ya ironically I am tired cause I slept too much?!
BODY you make no sense xD



 This outfit today I LOVE it xD 
although it reminded me a little of Peggy Bundy, maybe its the animal print and all this wedding talk here lately xD
For real I looove G-Shots' textures I know I keep saying that but those PANTS I love that they fit soo nicely TIGHT! 
and the textures omg some with writings on some animal print I just LOVE those well made textures so hard T^T
You can get this awesome outfit at COSMOPOLITAN



Super early and simple morning LOTD cause I felt cute :3
And obviously after almost 2 full weeks of night shifts I need some time to adjust again lol
I feel like Batman >:D
Luckily the hubby is with me xD poor thing <3


🎵Night Out With My Chicks🐤

Last night I was out in RL with some of my oooold besties, like highschool old lolol
Gosh we spent the night until 5 am in a Karaoke Bar...and we all agreed later today ..that we are too old for this shit hahaha



Its wednesday morning here already well morning ...its 2am yay night shifts xD
I don't like tuesdays for some reason tuesday was always my least favorite day <.< 
My body just dislikes tuesdays...funny enough I was born on a tuesday...



Today Jiro and me are showing you this new super perfect Parka from KuddelMuddel,
It comes in Belleza Jake size only, BUT like in RL where I am wearing an old male Army Parka I was trying if I won't fit in there too >:D