You know this ... you feel all fierce and stuffz and then some dude (glances at Jiro) looks over your shoulder and says "Awww baby demons!!" XD
EXCUSE ME! gonna make my little minion bunny attack him later but now I need to finish this post xD



I think I can say that I survived monday ...I mean it past 6pm and the we finished family dinner, the kids smell nicely and are playing with some legos until its bedtime soon..at least for the little monkey ^^



Sunday is almost here so I hope yours is/was a nice one too ^^
This sunday I am not babbling too much cause I wanna crawl back on hubbies lap and beat him in bomber man >:D haha
yay for you? :3



The summer is leaving us and I am so excited for my first fall at home again in some years!!
We are going to cook some jam this weekend and we gonna bake all dem cookies >:D my mommy in law is already very excited and me too haha



I love this season so hard xD and obviously SL creators do so too ^^
Ok lets start somewhere I asked our son what he likes the most and the ghosts and Vampenguin won by far xD


I was a little sick the last two days xD like really nothing bad but it was enough for my hubby to go into "OMGAHSHENEARLYDEAD" mode lmao
He's worse than me x3 The upside of this me having a new friend...a plushie unicorn that I can put in the microwave so it will get all cozy and warm I called her Konpeitō XD
ANd of course I am having her with me rn and some tea but I can not sleep cause I slept basically all day...I logged in SL for blogging early and then fell asleep all AFK haha 
But thats how it usually goes for me in SL anyways...I go online and then RL disracts me and I come back to my laptop hours later to realize my AV is still standing all bored in our house XD



Its almost october so its totally legal to be in Halloween mood already!!
Its probably my favest non native (for me)  holiday and I love decorating with bats tiny ghosts and pumpkins in RL XD
Maybe thats the leftovers of my gothy youth lol

And with the Salem event starting today its kinda officially ok to be in the mooood >:D



Today I wanna show you this cute lingerie from Sorumin for FrouFrou :>
So many nice colors to chose from and in the fatpack you change the color of bra and panties seperately ^^


グミ ~☆

I dunno this week I feel like I only function when I eat some sugarrr XD
and coffee...alot of coffee ^^ luckily super nice coffee was part of my bday present...who knew I would need it that badly lmao



Today I am showing you SPOILEDs' new set for Equal10 ^^ and every girl that loves GTA like me will love this set too XD
Doux made a matching hair for this outfit but I am not wearing it my hair is from Beusy and I just love its cap ^^



AUTUMN! Well soon X3 or is it already?
Its rainy and stormy here one day the next is nice and warm sunny!
But I loooove autumn or fall or Aki as we call it so no matter what you call it its a pretty nifty season!
I looove it and Jiro too!

We spent a lot of time outside and autumn can be so super pretty *-*
And when he raked all the leafs I usually make a huge leap into the pile when hes not putting it away fast enoughs xD



Yesterday was the 15th and this means?! :3 KUSTOM9!
(Or in other timezones today x3)
For real my favest event of dem all XD 
I look forward to a new round like a little one waiting for christmas x3
So of course my outfit today contains like a LOTTLE stuff you can find at Kustom9 ^^



 the thing I look forward to when coming home after work on fridays XD 
When I still lived in Europe it was like the first thing in the morning on fridays I did when I had freetime x3
I just love it ^^ 


Today Jiro was all in shopping mode in SL xD Whats very unusual for him! Thats not his first AV and his other AV is still wearing the Dendou skin from like I dunno when XD
Sooo today I was dressing up for a blog post and he looked at my screen and was like "GYAH yours is always so cute I need to step up my game!" so well we went for shopping..whats kinda harder for dudes than girls I learned!



This monday needed a crazy amount of coffee before I was even able to think about where my feet are at lmao
One of those monday mornings where you regret the decisions of last night...or the whole weekend XD



Today after work we (some co-workers and me) went for a short karaoke session XD
We girls had way too much fun :> we will go for a longer session tomorrow evening x3 and we will take our boys with us haha it will be horrible lol


September :D School again for the kids and Jiros and my birthday is creeping up haha
Since we were born on the same day (our mothers met in the hospital haha) and since growing up together as bestest friends that was always the day our parents...especially Jiros mother went nuts haha



I just love the colorful items from Spoiled so hard XD in the fatpacks or even cheaper buy everything packs you have color matching fun for DAYS!
Really go all dark, go all neon, go all bright or pastelly or wildly mix them all if your eyes can handle it haha :D



Summer holidays are oooover and so the little monkey went to school again :3 grandma and grandpa do need a vacation now I guess haha so Jiro and me gifted them with a short trip to Kyoto, short trip cause they HATE being away from their grandkids for too long XD
Really its super important to have them in our lives and not only cause they keep an eyes on the kids when we are at work!



FRIDAY ...finally! 
For real I am SO ready for the weekend haha
I was really MEH the last two days not cause anything bad happened or so nooo everything IS actually super fine and still but this morning I woke up to a surprise from my hubby XD 




With yesterdays and todays pics I had WAY too much fun xD
I LOVED playing with the colors and settings for the pics x3
Many many kawaii things the outfit I am wearing, including the cable in mouth, the cute glasses and and the water gun are from SPOILED!!



Today I am a little sleepless XD cause well I have some time off and thought it was clever to have a midday nap the last two days lmao
Now its like almost 2 am and I am WIDE awake ^^
But sometimes night times with all silence and darkness inspires you!



On this lovely friday night I am showing you some funky new things ^^
Yes yes I know I wore this hair yesterday..ILLEGAL for a blogger haha 
Nah for real Foxy has SO many nice color HUDs and I wanted to use a BAM color <3
 and its just my favest hair right now :3


Today I am showing you some new things that you can find at Kustom 9 ^-^
Sooo many things...Kustom 9 is my favest event theres ALWAYS things...too many..I want there XD



Love is horrible haha 
Jiro is out of town since yesterday eve until tuesday morning and its already feeling endless!
You know you was all independable all your life and you are all grown-up and not sad that your partner leaves cause you know in your head its NOT long at all and it won't kill you!




Since I have a day off today I am early morning blogging >:D
Before the heat hits ... gosh its horrible lately lmao its always around 30-34°C I knooow this doesn't sound much for many countries BUT its effin HUMID like crazy and that combination keeps dehydrating people so much, so many collapse these days here X_X
Especially after this mild July the sudden heat wave is just major MEH!!
 I am very happy that I don't need to squeeze my ass with dem other people in to the metro today XD
I will be living in a bikini today and eat a HUGE load of shave ice :O



I hope everyone is keeping themselves nicely hydrated these days cause its hot af here!
In the metro its like CRAZY rn but you see people carrying their own waterbottles even more than usual atm!

I live off water and fruits mostly at the moment I just do not feel like much more in the heat :3
So my lovely hubby is carrying LOADS of fruits home for me haha
He brought me like a GIGANTIC watermelon yesterday..HEAVEN! I just wanna roll in it x3



Summer is raging and we even had a little earthquake yesterday that you could even feel here in Tokyo a little O_O
It was the first ever for my kids so they were a little frightened but also excited...kids! XD
I was playing table tennis with my daughter yesterday and we had so many laughs ... 
Jiro almost died laughing watching us and I was worried we had to CPR him!



Flamingos :D or as my son called them weird-shaped pinky birds!
Today I am showing you this cute yet not too innocent outfit from American Bazaar...go and Demo those leggins you gonna love the butt they are giving youuu! XD



SUMMER yes I know STILL xD although its a little rainy here today...like totally xD BUT its summer and humid and hot :D so you basically spent many days in inappropriate less clothes on your back somewhere in a place where you think it won't be too hot XD