Took little piglet out for shopping today xD well lets hope he didn't poop in the pocket :3
Today is just one of my LOTDs wiff things I love ..new and old ^-^

Mister Piggy is pretty old, from Birdy an oooold af gacha! I still have some bunnies leftover so if you want one hit me up inworld the first person can haz one xD

The socks are from Friday they were a FLF item some short while back and the most awesome thing is well they are white AND you can edit dem and tint dem :3 I do this to soooo many things lol

Talking of tinting the mask I am wearing is from Truth and when you are not satisfied with the colors the awesome HUD already brings just right click the mask...edit and edit linked to make it fit your face perfectly and tint it the way you want it!! Don't forget to choose the white mask in the HUD before! Oh and also this Mask is part of a free hair fatpack Truth is offering at his mainstore T^T hes too nice <3
I wish Truth would make a hair with like a shitload decora clips and stuff  cause I love his HUDsT^T

This bag I know I knooow I had in my last post already but really I like it a lot :D and since I am blogging what I actually wear you have to deal wiff it again :3

Oh and I kinda apologize with all dem Yellow Monkey songs lately haha but Mister J and me were diggin out our old as fuck vinyls from the 80s/early 90s at his parents attic and I fell in love with dem again and keep listening to them like everywhere...and I rage sing their songs in the car on our way to work ...its not pretty believe me haha <3



Early morning blogging today...almost spilled my coffee on the cat ^.^

It's almost Valentines day and everybody is freaking xD everywhere you look you can buy all dem things in heart or roses print X_X
Luckily in Japan theres the tradition of girls gifting chocolates to their desired or treasured males, in their life :3 gonna make all dem chocolates and fatten up my boy xD
 I personally think its an aaaamaaazing time to take nice selfies for aaall your still single Exes or send dem pretty cards! >:D

Today I found a for me quiiite new store, KuddelMuddel! ^^
For me who lived a looong while in good old germany this is a cute and funny name!
The bag is named Kaufrausch, and has super pretty textures I just wished they had added metal options for the Zipper and hook, not only in the fatpack! <3

The Dress I am wearing was an accidental find, while shopping today at Evie...its free, a group gifty and the group is free to join :D


Velvet Love

Today as you can see I couldn't decide xD I just know I LOVE this velvet top from Amitomo so hard *-* 
And its quite versatile :D I love that you can, even if its a gacha item change the color of the velvet and the necklace ^^ so you don't always just get one top and can mix and match a little <3

My other fave still clearly are the shoes on the first outfit xD they are the Vale Koer Alter Platform and when you meet me inworld theres like a 95 percent chance that I am wearing these xD


Here Be Dragons

Today my mister works out of town, and will be home by 2 am sooo I thought imma keep my insomnious ass busy with blogging :3 and I like my LOTD today ^-^
This outfit is pretty much in the category "shit Mimi wears in RL" and yeah don't get me started on RPGs I probs would babble at you about old adventures and characters for hours <.< but if you wanna ...hit me up inworld xD <3


Weekends are for fluff

Today I just felt like cozy weekend fluff look, after all the moving to another country rage the last days I can say I am very very dead but happy xD this weekend we will probs just lay in one corner together and whine cause ...damn every bone hurts ... even in parts I never thought they could hurt haha
The cat is still very confused about this new home and the new foods but well ... he fat and happy and I bribed him with extra Pringles ... my better half thinks dem preservatives in dem Pringles are what causing the cat to live that long haha

As you can see its not a highly attachycomplicated look..well I could have used the word simple instead doh but you get what I mean xD
But I was all buzzing today with going to bed at like 1 am and getting up at 6 again I felt like having a quick morning bloggy ^^...I had so much coffee you can probs here a buzzing sound thru whole Tokyo from me!
Well and my fiancé singing in the background like ..a dying squirrel...so todays song will be brought to you by him...dont be afraid I wont record his lovely banshee screams.. I will just take the song he is howling err singing atm! xD <3 

Over the next days I will play with my Blog layout and stuffs so dont get a heartattack ^^

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend filled wiff happy and cuddles!


Dirty Little Freak

From the first days on in SL I dressed all mixed colorful like that weird girl that controls my AV, she calls it RL ...weird shit! x3

Nah for real wear, mix and match all the stuffz you love and just be you and never let anyone tell you otherwise! For such people your middle finger nower days is bento :3
Be proud, be loud and don't  ever allow any walking bag of clown dicks make you feel small or less than you are!

With that I will start in this new year, its the year of the pig...my zodiac >:D so well fasten your seatbelt 2019 here I come!

I can say I am pretty effin happy right now and I hope you all started the year the same <3