I am all in Hanami mood as you can see x3 I am sorry if this annoys someone haha <3
This blush from JesyDream suits my mood just perfectly fine and these super adorable puffy earrings from Swan are even named Hanami xD it was fate T^T


I was up all late yesterday night! xD 
Cause I am 5yo and too excited about our Picnik today ><
 I love hanami season so hard x3


🏮 光で 目がくらんで 🏮

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Just a quickie late night ...or early morning post? Since I was AFK online almost all day today lmao X_X I hope the cat didn't sent too many weird messages around!


🎵Come Play With Us🎵

I was watching too many creepy movies with Jiro lately haha...
I loooove Horror movies but at the same time...
I won't go to the bathroom or any other room in the dark alone after watching one LOL
Back in our teens me and Jiro always were watching X-Files together <.<



Gwin and Jiro, love you forever!

Its friday night and our plan was to have grandma babysit and go to our friends birthday party buuuut the little monkey is sickly and we both would hate leaving him alone yaya 
I know grandma is there but we horribly mushy parents xD
 we would think about our little pukey monkey all night at the party anyways and Jiro would probs call grandma every 10 mins LOL 



Today I needed Jiros help for blogging again ^^ 
I admit those are the most fun blog times 'cause eating chips and giggling together while adjusting outfits and poses is the bestest part xD even the cats helped today...they sat on Jiro keyboard and triggered gestures xD


Pastels, Baby!

That I love pastels is no secret anymore I guess x3 but this cute Kokoro (btw the name of our new cat haha) Skin from NiNi Planet just made me feel so uber cute I had to show you!

Just Call My Name

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Today I am introducing you to a "new" event called Zodiac...well some of you might notice that name some years back we had this event too and I was blogging about it too back then x3 
and ...

I love zodiac related things so an event like that is just my cup of tea!!
The first round will start on March 20th at 12 pm SLT and of course the theme will be Aries ^^
 I am myself no Aries, but my grandma was! 



Sunday evening and I doooon't want monday to come xD I do NOT want to leave my cosy pants and shoes at home alone ...I bet  they will miss me x3 ...the only thing that makes me like mondays is Jiros and mine monday lunch date <.< so yay for that :D


We Found Love

...In A Hopeless Place... 

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Since our engagyversary was on the 14th Jiro wanted a couply post after we found cute matching sneakers at Fifty Linden Fridays today :D
And who am I to deny that wish :3 lol
Nah for real we do not spend that much time together in SL since we live together in RL we do not NEED to but I really enjoy the moments we are online together xD shopping and rummaging thru events is much more fun that way ^^



Tonights blogpost date is fitting our anniversary :3 so this pic is just my happy beam xD
This year is year of the oink and me and Jiro are both piggies sooo this really seems to be our year ^^ 



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 Today Jiro picked me up from work early with his mothers dog and we had a nice walk home although it was rather rainy the last days you can smell spring and see the first trees blooming more and more!
I looove these first days of spring when everyone and the world seem to awake from the winter slumber ^^
And since I always or at least often take my RL as inspiration for my blogposts I feel all springy lately x3


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Bring on the night is like my motto today haha <.< I brought some work home with me and for calming down before sleeping I took a picture for blogging :D much better than lying next to Jiro and browsing weird websites on my phone until I collapse xD



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Its friday night ...or saturday morning? xD
And we had fun evening with friends playing games and eating too much sugar I guess but its past 2 am and I am still burning :3
Sometimes inspiration hits you right in the face...with a chair so well heres another post today >:D



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My waiting on a train face when its friday and I just wanna goooo hoooome to cuddle my loved ones and well...put on my comfy pants haha



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Today on the way home from work I got like uber thirsty T^T so I went to that tiny little mart near our home cause clearly it was URGENT ... its like maybe 10 sloooow walked minutes from our home haha but ya so I went there and had like an hour long talk with an elderly man that helped me getting the water out of the cooling thingy xD 
(WAS NOT EASY to find a tiny mart in SL and the weather in RL wasnt that nice today xD lolol)
The best thing about this was...I didn't felt out of place anymore...I lived in Europe so many years that it at first was honestly weird to be fully back...although I visited several times a year...and not hearing a certain language all day anymore was a weird thing suddenly haha
But no matter what I always felt out of place over in Europe...



Today I just felt like blogging my LOTD xD 
Jiro said that I should name that pic "Ode to my Ex!"  lolol
but that would be more credit than Exes deserve x3



What do you do when you can not sleep at nights? Right you take naps thru the day...so you make sure that you can not sleep the next night either ww

But we are up really late...or early...on saturdays anyways sooo its like 3 am and I watch the hubby fixing important work emergencies and playing xBox xD and I saw this Bouquet from Ersch and since its almost sunday...on sundays we go to visit grandma and grandpa and I always bring my mom-inlaw flowers that I chose with the little monkeys before ^^

The Bouquet is super cute and it screams SPRING in your face :3 you can change the colors of the flowers via HUD and it comes in several colors for the paper wrapping ^^ 
Hop over to Shiny Shabby and grab yourself an arm full of spring <3

The moohoo milk is Junk Foods Saturday Sale item xD 
comes in several versions like animated and static and a fullpack that you can rezz that attaches one to you :D

The earsies are a gift from Andore/LeGene their group is free to join for 3!! days now and there are SEVERAL ears and other things as gifts waiting for you ^^

The hair I found at Uber its from Wasabi and I just fell in love with dem cutie pigtails xD <3


What time is it?

It is 2:05 am xD I can not sleep well tonight maybe cause I was too excited about the Skytree having special lighting (see my Flickr <3) LOL I am like a kid sometimes! But sometimes I am just not tired at all sooo I decided to sit in the dark living room snuggle under a blanky and watch the skytree in the dark well...and blog a little ^^