I always feel honored when someone accepts my application or asks me to blog for them <33
BUT like designers or events have standards for their bloggers so do I have standards too!

If you want me to blog something for you just drop it on my inworld I always like a good challenge x3
If I like it I will surely blog it soon!

Also I am not only one style, I do not have a certain drawer I put myself in so I don't want anyone to do so!
I see an item and get inspired and build a scenario around it, so today theres a kawaii picture, tomorrow an all sexy one and another day a bloody&dark one, cause I am human and therefore not just one aspect!
And I embrace all my sides :>

I love to support and grow with designers I like, no matter how big or small their store is, 
not only their items but their personality too, good chemistry is important ^^
I am not impressed by big names, when you act like a bag of clowndicks you could have the biggest store on the grid I'd refuse to blog for you! 
XD I think you all get what I mean <3

**If I feel like your brand and me aren't clicking style or whatever wise anymore I will leave the blogging group, rather than making shitty halfhearted posts <3

❤ Gwin